Fragmentary Excess: Body, Text, Receptacle

20 Life Hacks to Cure Loneliness

Open window. Name document. Type hacks in pseudo-poetic broken meter. Hubbell takes us down a Millennial rabbit-hole in which meandering words get lost, spell-checking doubts, and backspacing gorges on necessary letters, all perched edge of a “window” sill. 20 Life Hacks to Cure Loneliness tells us to clean, be beautiful, note side-effects, refrigerate after opening: shouting at us across the deathly white of an open Word doc, daring us to relate to ourselves and the world. Hubbell inscribes the do’s and don’ts that plague everyday privileged existence onto the form that threatens to engulf the white-collar worker, scaring us into compliance with the stroke of a key.


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