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sun vs. part sun/part shade vs. shade

What does sun, part sun, and shade actually mean and how do I take properly follow those sugestions?

When you purchase a plant there will normally be one of three circles:
1. just the outline of a circle means sun
2. a circle that is half filled in means part sun/part shade
3. a fully filled in circle means shade

Sun: could mean any of the following
Full sun: direct sun all day
Sun: six or more hours of direct sun
Light shade: two to three hours midday not in the sun

Part sun/part shade: could mean any of the following
Part sun: four to six hours of direct sun
Part shade: some sun in the am but shade in the pm

Shade: could mean any of the following
Shade: less than four hours of direct sun

When planting keep in mind what area of your yard gets the most sun and least sun so you have an idea of where certain plants should be placed. Likewise for indoor plants, find a window with sun the majority of the day for a sun plant and not necessarily a sunny window for a shade plant.

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