Feeding a Crowd

Seeds vs. Plants

How to choose between seeds and a plant when planting...

Some factors to consider:
1. Time of year
-If it is May, that may be too early in Minnesota for some plants so seeds are the better option in this circumstance
2. Type of plant
-Vine plants such as melons, cucumbers, and squash can get tangled and damaged before you are able to purchase them
3. Transplantability
-Some plants are not easily or successfully able to be transplanted like beans, peas, carrots, radishes, and beets for example
4. Cost
-Seeds in general are cheaper than plants

With seeds you are able to share and exchange with friends, neighbors, and family if you have too many or would like a larger variety. You are also able to keep some seeds to plant a later crop so you have produce for a longer period of time. Plants are a bit more predictable because they have already germinated and plants are the better option if it is later in the season because they have already began to grow.


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