Feeding a Crowd

Fish that will kill you / fish that you will kill

Fifteen years ago, I became fascinated by fish as a food source: fish fats were being hailed as a significant resource for responding to stress- and diet-based inflammation, and yet fish were endangered and filled with toxins. This project explored these tensions as an entry point to considering relational eating, and led to a larger project on relating the pleasures and perils of eating.

In the Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo, fish usually comes up in one of two contexts: fishing and fried fish. Fried fish, like chicken, is often considered an excellent accompaniment to greens. Tilapia (one of the only "vegetarian" fishes, and hence a less expensive farmed fish) is often used for this in bought food -- and in homemade food, several people use fish they've caught. 

In this recipe story, I'd like to ask community members to help come up with at least three fish recipes that correspond to three videos that I've really appreciated in terms of their telling stories about the habitat and social ecology of fish (especially as food) where I live:


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