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Maroon Spaces presented by Orrieann Florius

I am going to sacrifice my pride and admit that I was completely lost during this presentation. I know very little about Caribbean literature and the concept of marronage. However, Orrie did mention the concept of "re-experiencing the past" and "reaffirming attachment to homeland even if one has never been there." There are concepts which reminded me of Daughters of the Dust from the beginning of the class. Nana Peazant tries to get Eli to remember a place he has never been to. She calls it recollecting, the process of remembering from your ancestors. She tells him to remember and embrace his ancestors. This remembrance is demonstrated by Eula and Eli's unborn child. The Unborn Child narrates the whole movie which takes place before she was born. She is remembering through her parents and other ancestors. 

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