Etrennes au beau sexe

VAUDEVILLE NATIONAL, Dédié au Club des Jacobins

National Vaudeville, Dedicated to the Jacobin Club.

Air: Accompagné des plusiers autres

Honor to the Jacobin Senate,
Who works night and day
For their interests and ours!
And for all the good they have done,
My muse owes them a verse,
Accompanied by many others.

To be helpful to the state
We see that the good senate
Guards its property, and gives away ours:
I find this senate moderate, because
Of our possessions it takes just one fourth
And soon the other three with follow.

May the Jacobin gentlemen,
Be pure of body and mind!
Their days are useful to ours,
Very often they get overheated,
Releasing many swears
Accompanied by many others.

To make about eighteen francs,
They make these long amendments
That don’t give in to ours,
By this innocent technique,
They still have another year ahead of them
Accompanied by many others.

These men should be careful
To not harangue as often
For their rest and for ours;
It is so difficult for them, in fact
That we would like that each decree
Is never followed by another.

That our constitution,
Dear to the all the Nation,
Creates their pleasures and ours,
She will have the greatest destiny,
Having for a father a Jacobin
Accompanied by many others.

Everything will be reborn in these cantons,
And shortly we will be
Rich like our departed apostles.
Soon we will have six blanks
One banknote for 300 francs
And then still all the others.

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