Etrennes au beau sexe

Permanence de l'assemblée nationale.

Duty of the National Assembly.

Air : Mon honneur dit que serois coupable (des Amours d’ete.)

Our senate who changed all in France,
Feel that it is not an immortal senate;
But in saying, it wants permanence
This proves, at the very least, it want to be eternal
Let us judge with what kind of a soft murmur
The assemblymen will be received
If, among us, each legislature converts
Crowns to Banknotes

Air : Il n’est qu’un pas du mal au bien (du Roi et le Fermier)

But if returning to his throne
And soon retaking its rights
Louis to our twelve hundred kings,
Left scepter and crown
I would not be surprised at all
It is only a step from evil to good.

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