Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Very Rev. Frank Ernest Aitkins

The Very Rev. Frank Ernest Aitkins was born in Derby, England, on 11 Dece,ber 1872, the son of John and Mary Jane (Mills) Aitkins. He never married. In 1900, he was ordained in living in Lee, Massachusetts. In 1905, he became the second dean of Trinity Cathedral in Michigan City. His policies clashed with those of Bishop White, and together with Trinity's vestry (who supported him) led the rupture in the bishop's relationship. By 1918, Trinity would cease to be the cathedral. Aitkins remained in Michigan City through 1910. By 1918 he was rector of Trinity Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1925, he lived in Cortlandt, New York, and by 1930, was principal of a convent school in Peekskill, New York. He died in New York on 12 October 1957.


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