Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. Henry Stephen Streeter

The Rev Henry S. Streeter was born on 5 July 1864 in Paxton, Massachusetts, the son of Charles Addison and Jane (Cunningham) Streeter. After attending a technical college in Massachusetts, he went to Seabury Divinity School and graduated in 1897, at which time he was made a deacon. He married Anna Greenleaf Selby, daughter of Horatio and Catherine Selby, in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, on 17 October 1899. After serving missions in White Bear Lake and Rush City, he came to Indiana, where he was assigned to St. Paul's, Gas City, from 1901 to 1902, but his increasing deafness led to his resignation. In 1907, despite his hearing challenges, he came to St. John's, Bristol, where he remained until 1917. According to a 1915 report by the Board of Missions, Streeter "is a most godly man but almost totally deaf. Because of his saintly character, the people desire no other minister. The parish can never be any stronger." In 1920, he resided in Elkhart as a retired priest. He died in Osolo, Elkhart County, Indiana, on 11 February 1929, and was buried in the cemetery at St. John of the Cross in Bristol. He and Anna had four sons: Charles, Edward, Gilbert, and Henry, and members of his family remained in the parish for more than a century later.

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