Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Rev. David Joseph Reid

The Rev. David J. Reid was born in Chicago on 26 August 1914, the son of David Mann and Zelma (Chamberlain) Reid. He married Gertrude Elizabeth Terras on 7 November 1933. He graduated with a Ph.B. and later MA from Loyola University and was ordained a deacon in 1942 and a priest the following year. He began his career at St. Francis Church in Chicago, where he rose from lay reader to deacon to priest-in-charge between1941 and 1947. He also had charge concurrently of Trinity Church in Skokie from 1943 to 1944. From 1947 to 1950 he was priest-in-charge of St. Paul's Church in DeKalb, Illinois, and also served as chaplain of Northern Illinois State Teachers College. He came to Northern Indiana in 1951 as rector of Trinity Church, Michigan City,l and stayed there until 1963. He was also chaplain of the Beatty Memorial Hospital n Westville, Indiana. He returned to Illinois and served his later years in a non-parochial capacity, including serving as staff psychologist of the Chicago State Hospital. In 1982 he retired and moved to Clearwater, Florida, where he died on 28 February 1992.


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