Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana Archives

Church of the Resurrection, Wabash

Since the inception of the Diocese of Northern Indiana has attempted to plant a church in Wabash. As early as 1900, Bishop John Hazen White sent Archdeacon George Torrence to Wabash to attempt to organize a congregation. In 1901, Torrence reported that he had used the Woodman's Fraternal Hall to conduct services in Fridays twice a month, but no mission was ever formally organized.

In 1994, at the urging of Bishop Francis Gray, a group of local Episcopalians attempted a telephone campaign to drum up interest in the formation of a church. On 5 March 1995, the first services of the Church of the Resurrection were held in the Tudor Room of the Honeywell Center. About 20 parishioners attended under the ministry of the Rev. Robert Bizzaro, dean of the Cathedral Church of St. James. Suzanne Stiene was also a lay leader. The mission was formally recognized by the convention in 1997, but it was never able to take hold and folded soon afterward.