Drum magazine black identity contruction: Analyese of black identity.

Black identity and Drum magazine influnce on the society

This books aims to celebrate the legacy Drum magazine has created in the History of South African publication industry.Drum magazine has played a huge role in documenting Black lives in the townships and also journalism. The magazine included articles that relates to the black community ,whether it is the harsh reality of the Apartheid era or celebrating  black excellence, inspiring hope to new upcoming black journalist, Drum documented all stories which subsequently impacted the black identity. Female representation on   the magazine covers  during the 1950s is one crucial element to how society viewed women.Women  were depicted for their physical appearance rather then highlighting their intellectual capabilities compared to their male counterparts. the issue of black hair is a major issue as hair styles displayed in their media might be in conflict with ones own ethnic identity. The publication has continued to evolve in the 21st century, as it changed to celebrating tabloid culture compared to the how previously it related their articles to documenting the harsh reality of life during the apartheid era. This book will discuss these issues in detail by discussing the origins of the publication , the analyses of  Drum magazine covers and politics of black hair .key authors such as Clowes and Vanessa king will be used to apply their knowledge and elaborate the topics further.

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