Presenting Data

To create a structured media gallery for your collection, 1) edit the "Digital Collection" page, go to the "Relationships" tab, and select "Tag." Then, 2) select the "choose the item that it tags" link and 3) navigate to "Media" and select all of your collection items. When you have selected all of your collection items, press the "Save and view" button at the bottom of the page. 

Now that you have created a structured media gallery, navigate to the "Presentation" page to develop an interactive presentation. To make an interactive presentation in Scalar, you can annotate items, link them to specific portions of your text, visualize them on a map or timeline (if you have added the appropriate metadata), use a widget, and/or embed a third party plugin or platform

As you create your presentation, consider how the processing and/or visualization methods you employ shape the way that your data will be accessed and interpreted. Based on these considerations and your experiences building the collection, are there aspects of your project description or metadata schema that you would like to revise? Explain. 

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