A Conceptual Framework of Technology for Learning and Teaching

Turning Backwards

morrik. (2016). Keyboard - Endless Opportunity by morrik on DeviantArt. Retrieved from http://www.deviantart.com/art/Keyboard-Endless-Opportunity-1567961  

In middle and high school, my experience with learning technology didn’t change much, unless it was to turn backwards. My use of technology for educational purposes was limited mainly to word processing. While I was able to use the keyboarding skills I learned in Miss Dyleski's class, my typed papers were not substantially different than my handwritten drafts. If anything, my typing skills only introduced new spelling errors when my fingers failed to find the correct keys. 

While the technology likely made my assignments easier for my teachers to read, there were no real benefits for my learning. As a teacher myself, I see some benefits in tools that make my own work easier. But transformative learning technologies must do more to change students' learning outcomes.

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