Anime Aesthetic

The mobile iteration, being the latest significant re-release of Chrono Trigger, imbued the very same anime aesthetic within its many websites and promotional materials, borrowing earlier artwork in hopes of tapping into the game’s inherent nostalgic factor. Between both Japanese and North American markets, advertising was essentially the same, varying only with the Japanese mobile version’s inclusion of the original Japanese cover art in its marketing strategy. The video game itself used nearly all of Chrono Trigger’s previous assets, selecting and combining content from all three earlier releases. However, the surprising loss of the PlayStation (PS) iteration’s animated cutscenes meant the removal of a largely ingrained form of the anime aesthetic  an event that either pleased purists or disgruntled those accustomed to the narrative quality afforded by these memorable videos. Regardless of these opinions, it is clear to see that the mobile re-release of the original Chrono Trigger experience was a distinct rendition, even though its anime aesthetic is diminished when compared to the PS or Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS) iterations.

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