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Mobile Application

I try to create a Avana 522 apartment Mobile App for residence to guide them through the apartment and get information.
Firstly, the welcome interface. For want to promote your app, you should buy reviews for android app from​​​​​​​
If you click "Get directions"
there'll be maps showing the entrance and important buildings of community
Use "back" button can go back to previous page.
If you click "Parking", the map will highlight the location of the type of parking you choose on the map.
In the picture it shows the disable parking in red. Click other button to choose a different type.
If you click "View Information" in the welcome page, you will be directed to information page.
By clicking each topic, you will be directed into different pages. If you click "Green Energy Management", you will be on page below:
There's a sample of energy saving by community, and a video you can watch for more details.
Click "More videos" for more video. If you click "Reserve Gym" in the welcome page, you will be on this page:
In this page, you can select a date and time you want to use the gym, maximum 2 hours. And you can check what time the gym is available by clicking the dates.

That's all the wireframes.

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