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Abstract: This project is about Avana 522 apartment community in Bothell, WA. After reading this Description page, you will get a clear view of what this project is about and the history and some social justice arguments around the community.
App: By using this mobile phone application, users can get directions of the whole community and the locations of disable parking and unreserved parking. Also they can get informations for pricing, green energy and homeless situation.

Apartment information: 522 Avana 522 Apartment was built in June 2012 in Bothell, WA.
Quote from home page, "It showcase luxurious features and provide a convenient transportation, walking distance from the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College and convenient to public transportation including bus lines for Community Transit, King County Metro and Microsoft Connector for residents." 
Here're fews questions & answers about social justice around Avana 522 Apartment Community.
Is this apartment community offering a fair price?
Is this Apartment a energy-efficient community? 
Is this Apartment helping reduce the homeless in city of Bothell?


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