Asia-Pacific in the Making of the Americas: Toward a Global History


This web journal project has many authors.  It began with the "Asia Pacific in the Making of the Americas" conference series at Brown University, and I would like to especially thank Dr. Evelyn Hu-DeHart for her unflagging support and contributions to this field. We have tried to both broaden the scope of American history, to include the transpacific, as well as facilitate a transnational conversation on the topics herein.  This would not have been possible without Dr. Hu-DeHart's vision and vast collegial network that knows no language or political barriers.  Thank you as well to the author-contributors for entrusting us with your scholarship and braving digital publishing. Gracias!

Bringing together the newly minted Scalar platform with this expansive topic, made up of many authors from many countries covering three centuries, had its technical challenges. The many students who have contributed to the this website have, each and everyone of you, been critical to overcoming these challenges.  Andrea Ledesma, graduate student of Public Humanities, arrived two years into the project, and skillfully pulled together all the unfinished business, editorial and technical, and made creative contributions.  It is only because of Andrea that I am even writing "Acknowledgements."  Thank you!

Space does not allow me to enumerate the individual contributions of each participating undergraduate, but together they brought an exceptional skill set to the project: Bohao Wu, Julie Yue, Eugenia Lulo, Carlos Rotger, Zachary Ziebell, Melissa Cruz-Rivas, Isabella Betita, and Danielle Galvan Gomez.  Xièxiè!

Elli Mylonas, Senior Digital Humanities Librarian, suggested we use Scalar for the project at the outset, and met with us weekly throughout the duration—to say nothing of the hundreds of support emails.  Her oversight and support created the framing structure for ideas to become digital realities.  Efcharistó!

Caroline Frank, April 6, 2017