Asia-Pacific in the Making of the Americas: Toward a Global History

19th-Century US Pacific

Beginning in the late 18th century, freed from the British Empire and with some global catching up to undertake, U.S. Americans flooded into the Pacific Basin in search of whales, raw materials, trade commodities, territory, and converts.  According to historian Matt Matsuda, no other period in Pacific history witnessed such an onslaught of newcomers aggressively navigating its every cove, island, and shoreline, north, south, east and west.  These essays take us into the 19th-century Pacific, a realm that came to be dominated by the United States by the dawn of the next century.

Extremely popular in the United States, this 1806 French panoramic wallpaper, ‚Äč"Les sauvages de la mer pacifique," depicts an abundant and welcoming world beyond the West Coast of America. 

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