100 Years of the Women's Vote

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This online exhibit was created in collaboration with CSUDH's Women's Studies Program, CSUDH's Donald R. & Beverly J. Gerth Archives and Special Collections, and California Humanities.

Online Exhibition Curator: Jenn Brandt, Associate Professor of Women's Studies, CSUDH with assistance from Beth McDonald, Archivist, Gerth Archives and Special Collections
Physical Exhibition Curators: Jenn Brandt, Associate Professor of Women's Studies, and
Greg Williams, Director, Gerth Archives & Special Collections
Exhibition Designer: Itzel Marin, CSUDH Class of 2020

Exhibition Sources at CSUDH
Gerth Archives Homepage

Gerth Archives Primary Source Materials

Women’s Suffrage Movement Materials Collection
Vivian Price Collections
Anti-Suffrage Movement Collection
LGBTQ Publications Collections
Women at Work Collection
Tradeswomen Lib Guide

As we approach the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, we want to hear from you on what political concerns are most pressing in your community. Please leave a comment by clicking on the speech bubble at the bottom of the page. 

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