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Femme Disturbance - Live/d Theory

Micha Cárdenas, Author

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Femme Disturbance

The year I gained a breast, my mother lost one to breast cancer. 
The year I gained my voice, my mother was losing hers to incoherence. 
The year I met Claire, I began to be able to return to my mother, as a genderqueer trans lesbian. 

Femme Disturbance is queer femme affect in disturbance of the logic and ethics of capitalism, including competition, individualism and hierarchy, which reinforce the violence of forms of social exclusion such as male supremacy, white supremacy, ableism and US/Euro centrism. 

Femme Disturbance is an aesthetic that rejects the drive for newness in art as a form of the capitalist drive for innovation of new forms of consumption. Instead, Femme Disturbance innovates new forms of disturbance, new forms of knowing and new forms of being that exceed the hegemony of western rational thought. Femme Disturbance inherits from feminist art practices that find value and significance in the personal and the quotidian, while still actively questioning the white western economically privileged focus of much feminist thought.

Further, Femme Disturbance adopts a TMI methodology, to quote Charlotte Frost, another femme new media scholar. We can understand a TMI aesthetic as emerging from a life experience lived on social networks, from exploring sexuality in IRC as a teenager to today's networked personal archives where many of us share our most personal moments, from what we're eating for dinner to photos of our lovers and families, in public networked archives like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. All of the images in this scalar book can be found on my website as well. I hope that the excessive revealing of myself in this performance allows you to find some resonance with your own life and experience, which I think drives much of our media sharing culture: the will to connect. 

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