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Femme Disturbance - Live/d Theory

Micha Cárdenas, Author

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Femme Science

What is fem(me) science? Localized, tactical, specific, fem(me) science is addressed to the future, a future where femininity as we know it ("normal," ego-less, tolerant of, and therefore complicit with deception) will have been completely superceded. Fem(me) science founds itself in the interests of science for desire.

"A Fem(me)inist Manifesto", 2003 Lisa Duggan and Kathleen McHugh

We are shapeshifters

We put on our colors every night

We change our skin, add our scales or our fur,

Choose what kind of feet we want, and what kind of wings

Femme science of transformation

Glitter bath alchemy

Eye colors are animal defense mechanisms

Lipstick our way through border checkpoints

Shadows outline curves that we grow at will

Lines creating shapes of desire

Colors hinting at flavors of experimentation.

Can femme affect create solidarity? Through clothing, gesture, color, texture, movement, can a political/personal bond be formed? This photo of my grandmother, Mami Olga, inspires so much solidarity in me. I think it was taken in Colombia, since Papi never came to the US. I'm so cut off from that part of my family that I don't really know. Between the move to the US, the divorce and other traumas, there are many gaps in my historical temporality. 

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