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Femme Disturbance - Live/d Theory

Micha Cárdenas, Author

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Electronic Disturbance

We are Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0 - EDT2.0. As a collective, we are already many. As a multiplicity, our goals, hopes and intentions are multiple. Our shared goals include the disturbance of borders: national, gender, genre, disciplinary, fiction/non, through the exploitation and re/performance of technology, poetry and the imaginaries of each.

We create media viruses, dislocative border disturbance technologies and Electronic Civil Disobedience actions in order to imagine and bring about desired futures. We exploit existing media technologies in order to conjure spirits of mayan technologies and queer technologies in the crackle on the line and the dropped packets of neo-liberalism. Our hallucinatory transmissions operate at the refresh rate of dreams.

- No Borders Struggles, The Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0, Micha Cárdenas

The disturbance in femme disturbance
is inspired by the Electronic Disturbance Theater, 
which I am a part of,
but also has resonances with being mentally disturbed
summons spirits of feminine hysteria
a history which rightly ties femme disturbance
to the irrational, mediumship and 
queer forms of knowing, healing and loving historically labeled as witchcraft,
yet updates these with a DIY home remedy of 
electronic subversion, hacked fashions and wearable erotic electronics,
combining off conductive thread and microprocessors 
with forever 21 dresses and cheap lingerie.

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