The Role of Artistic Creativity in the Lives of Israeli Emigres in Los Angeles

Nissim Nati - The Detailed Journey

Transitioning From a Chabad Yeshiva Boy to Operatic Tenor 
Nissim grew up around Orthodox Jews and music was a big part of that culture. Because of his surroundings, Nissim found the joy of music and wanted to cultivate it in ways being in the community would not allow. On his own, he found ways to follow his passion and become the singer he is today.

How Nissim Ended Up Singing Opera
Before Nissim started singing opera, he would listen to what was popular at the time. Other types of music resonated with him more, though, like the music of Frank Sinatra. Being part of the Jewish community also brought cantorial music into his life. Nissim has trianed under cantors and one day wants to be one himself.

Other Musical Arts Nissim has been Exposed to
Nissim had always wanted to play piano but his life in Yeshiva impeded that desire. Instead, he taught himself how to play guitar, playing in his dorm room in Yeshiva while fellow students listened and sang along. These people told Nissim that he should pursue music full time.

Nissim's Deeper Thoughts on Why He Sings
Nissim describes that what singing means to him is "La Joie de Vivre" or "The Joy of Life." He says that singing comes from the soul, permitting the opening of the spirit and the soul, enabling a feeling of pure elation.

Nissan's Greatest Influence
Whenever Nissim would be at a Sabbath meal as a guest, he would sing and people would want to know who it was with such a voice. At one such meal, there was a woman who was an operatic mezzo soprano that used to perform at Carnegie Hall. After she heard Nissim sing, she started to ask him questions about his natural talent. She encouraged him to cultivate that talent, even giving him voice lessons twice a week. Because of this, he started towards the operatic style of music.

Closing Thoughts: Advice for a Younger Nissim 
Nissim explains that art is an intrinsic talent that people are born with. With other trades, things can be learned and cultivated. In singing, people can train their voice, but there is a talent that is given to you that needs to be found. Every person needs to think if they want this talent to be their primary goal in life or a supplement. Nissim says that any talent needs to be cultivated, and time and energy needs to be invested. Finding something that the person can excel in is important since God gave certain talents to each person that he gave no one else.

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