The Role of Artistic Creativity in the Lives of Israeli Emigres in Los Angeles

Malka Nedivi: Conclusion

Living with Holocaust survivors and being an Israeli immigrant has built up Malka’s unique personality, and has created an exceptional dimension to her artwork. Since she grew up in a home where no one spoke about the past, Malka never had the chance to directly learn about her parents’ history. Thus, she uses her imagination and artwork to picture the missing pieces of her parents’ past and to reconstruct her family history. Moreover, Malka believes that the inspiration for her remarkable art is her mother, and, in fact, she reflects her mother’s personality in many ways. Just like her mother, she has become an immigrant, has started to use discarded materials in her artwork, and has begun to enjoy bright colors. Malka’s journey of life is not simply the journey of one person; rather, it is the journey of herself, her mother, and perhaps the journey of all Holocaust survivors and their descendants. Looking at her art, one can learn about Malka and her mother as well as the painful story of the Holocaust and immigration to foreign countries. Overall, Malka incorporates her unique life story and experiences in every piece of her art because she has understood that she needs to reconnect to her Israeli and family roots in order to find her true self and bring forth the best of her talents. 

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