The Role of Artistic Creativity in the Lives of Israeli Emigres in Los Angeles

Dan Katzir and Ravit Markus: Los Angeles Life

Los Angeles Life

For Katzir and Markus, moving from Israel to Los Angeles was relatively easy. Because both had spent part of their childhood in the States, so they had tremendous familiarity with U.S. culture. Moreover, they assert that the globalization that comes with modernity, such as trans-national corporations, enabled them to obtain the same goods and amenities that they had in Israel. Hence, the concerns of immigration to Los Angles were minor for Katzir and Markus. The biggest difficulty they had was missing their family. However, advances in technology that led to the always-connected era has enabled them to keep contact with their loved ones via mobile applications, such as Skype or FaceTime.

Once in Los Angeles, Katzir and Markus founded their film company, New Love Films, in order to distribute all their works. Their founding of New Love Films is especially important because it cemented their life in Los Angeles as it allowed them to grow a reputation and be accepted by the Los Angeles film community. After founding a company and growing a prominent reputation as documentary filmmakers, it would be difficult for Katzir and Markus to leave Los Angeles.

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