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Decade: 1940s

1940 March vol. 22, no. 1 

FISKE KIMBALL Mansart and Le Brun in the Genesis of the Grande Galerie de Versailles 1 
HANNS SWARZENSKI The Xanten Purple Leaf and the Carolingian Renaissance 7 
FREDERICK HARTT Carpaccio's Meditation on the Passion 25 

Book Reviews 36 

List of Books Received 57 

Notes for Contributors 59

1940 June vol. 22, no. 2 

DOROTHY C. SHORR The Mourning Virgin and Saint John 61
JULIUS S. HELD Jordaens' Portraits of his Family 70  
MARVIN CHAUNCEY ROSS An Eleventh-Century English Bookcover 83  
DONALD N. WILBER The Coptic Frescoes of Saint Menas at Medinet Habu 86  

Book Reviews 104  

List of Books Received 117  

1940 September vol. 22, no. 3 

ANDREW CARNDUFF RITCHIE The Evolution of Ingres' Portrait of the Comtesse d'Haussonville 119  
CHARLES DE TOLNAY Michelangelo Studies 127  
CHARLES L. KUHN Herman Scheerre and English Illumination of the Early Fifteenth Century 138  

MARY ANN FARLEY and FRANCIS WORMALD Three Related English Romanesque Manuscripts 157  
FRITZ SCHMALENBACH The Term Neue Sacklichkeit 161  
J. LEROY DAVIDSON Notes on Karlgren’s New Studies on Chinese Bronzes 165  

Book Reviews 167

List of Books Received 183  

1940 December vol. 22, no. 4 

MARTIN WEINBERGER A Bronze Bust by Hans Multscher 185  
HAROLD E. WETHEY A Madonna and Child by Diego de Siloe 190  
RENSSELAER W. LEE Ut Pictura Poesis: The Humanistic Theory of Painting 197  

MEYER SCHAPIRO The Carolingian Copy of the Calendar of 354 270  

Letters to the Editor 273  

Book Reviews 274

List of Books Received 285  

Index for Volume XXII 286


1941 March vol. 23, no. 1 

FISKE KIMBALL The Creation of the Style Louis XV 1
KARL LEHMANN-HARTLEBEN The Imagines of the Elder Philostratus 16  
W. R. TYLER A Spanish Romanesque Column in the Fogg Art Museum 45
MILLARD MEISS A Documented Altarpiece by Piero della Francesca 53  

MARVIN CHAUNCEY ROSS Fragments of a Byzantine Ivory Box 69

Exhibitions and Collections
HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK Frank Lloyd Wright at the Museum of Modern Art 73  
HANNS SWARZENSKI The Dumbarton Oaks Collection 77  

Letters to the Editor 80  

Book Reviews 82

1941 June vol. 23, no. 2 

MYRTILLA AVERY Miniatures of the Fables of Bidpai and of the Life of Aesop in The Pierpont Morgan Library 103  
ROBERT J. GOLDWATER Some Aspects of the Development of Seurat's Style 117 
S. A. CALLISEN The Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV in Dijon and Related Monuments 131  
ALEXANDER C. SOPER Early Chinese Landscape Painting 141  

Exhibition Reviews
SIRARPIE DER NERSESSIAN Pagan and Christian Art in Egypt: An Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum 165  
GEORGE C. VAILLANT Indian Art of the United States: an Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art 167  
JOSEP GUDIOL The Goya Exhibition at Chicago 169  
HENRY P. MCILHENNY David to Toulouse-Lautrec at the Metropolitan Museum 170  

Letters to the Editor 173  

Book Reviews 174

List of Books Received 187

1941 September vol. 23, no. 3 

JAMES JOHNSON SWEENEY Picasso and Iberian Sculpture 191  
JOSEPH C. SLOANE, JR. Religious Influences on the Art of Jean-Louis Forain 199  
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY An Ivory Casket from Southern India 207  
ALBERT S. ROE A Steatite Plaque in the Museo Sacro of the Vatican Library 213  

ROGER HALE NEWTON Bulfinch's Design for the Library of Congress 221  

Exhibition Reviews
WALTER W. S. COOK The Exhibition of Spanish Painting at the Toledo Museum of Art 223  

Book and Periodical Reviews 225

List of Books Received 247

1941 December vol. 23, no. 4 

DORO LEVI The Allegories of the Months in Classical Art 251  
CHARLES P. PARKHURST, JR. The Madonna of the Writing Christ Child 292  
FISKE KIMBALL Sources and Evolution of the Arabesque of Berain 307
LUDWIG BACHHOFER Bronze Figures of the Late Chou Period 317

Book Reviews 332

Letters to the Editor 340  

List of Books Received 340  

Index for Volume XXIII 343


1942 March vol. 24, no. 1 

RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER The Carolingian Revival of Early Christian Architecture 1
ERWIN PANOFSKY Conrad Celtes and Kunz von der Rosen: Two Problems in Portrait Identification 39
WILLIAM BELL DINSMOOR The Literary Remains of Sebastiano Serlio: I 55  

Exhibition Reviews
AGNES MONGAN Italian Drawings 1330-1780: an Exhibition at the Smith College Museum of Art 92  

Books Reviews 95

List of Books Received 112  

Notes for Contributors 113

1942 June vol. 24, no. 2 

WILLIAM BELL DINSMOOR The Literary Remains of Sebastiano Serlio: II 115  
DOROTHY KENT HILL The Horse of Sardis Rediscovered 155  
GEORGE KUBLER Mexican Urbanism in the Sixteenth Century 160  
W. F. VOLBACH Oriental Influences in the Animal Sculpture of Campania 172  

Book and Periodical Reviews 181

Letters to the Editor 199  

List of Books Received 202

1942 September vol. 24, no. 3 

MEYER SCHAPIRO Cain's Jaw-Bone that Did the First Murder 205  
WOLFGANG STECHOW Shooting at Father's Corpse 213  
RUFUS GRAVES MATHER New Documents on Michelozzo 226  
LAURINE MACK BONGIORNO Notes on the Art of Silvestro dell'Aquila 232  
TALBOT HAMLIN The Greek Revival in America and Some of its Critics 244  
STANLEY MELTZOFF The Revival of the Le Nains 259 

Book and Periodical Reviews 287

List of Books Received 309

1942 December vol. 24, no. 4 

JOHN MC ANDREW and MANUEL TOUSSAINT Tecali, Zacatlán, and the Renacimiento Purista in Mexico 311  
H. W. JANSON Two Problems in Florentine Renaissance Sculpture 326  
OTTO GEORG VON SIMSON Philipp Otto Runge and the Mythology of Landscape 335  
ALEXANDER C. SOPER The Rise of Yamato-E 351  

CHARLES DE TOLNAY An Unpublished Record of Michelangelo 380  

Letters to the Editor 382

List of Books Received 412  

Index for Volume XXIV 413


1943 March vol. 25, no. 1 

CARL K. HERSEY The Church of Saint-Martin at Tours (903-1150) 1  
A. M. FRIEND, JR. Dürer and the Hercules Borghese-Piccolomini 40  
DORA PANOFSKY The Textual Basis of the Utrecht Psalter Illustrations 50  
GEORGE R. KERNODLE Renaissance Artists in the Service of the People: Political Tableaux and Street Theaters in France, Flanders, and England 59  
CATHERINE GRASSL New Researches on Chinese Bronzes 65  

Letters to the Editor 79  

Book Reviews 80

List of Books Received 95  

Notes for Contributors 96

1943 June vol. 25, no. 2 

FRANK JEWETT MATHER, JR. Giotto's St. Francis Series at Assisi Historically Considered 97  
WALTER HORN Romanesque Churches in Florence: A Study in Their Chronology and Stylistic Development 112  
ILSE FALK AND JENÖ LÁNYI The Genesis of Andrea Pisano's Bronze Doors 132  

ERICA TIETZE-CONRAT Neglected Contemporary Sources Relating to Michelangelo and Titian 154  

Letters to the Editor 160  

Book Reviews 162

List of Books Received 176

1943 September vol. 25, no. 3 

JOHN COOLIDGE The Villa Giulia, A Study of Central Italian Architecture in the Mid-Sixteenth Century 177
HAROLD E. WETHEY The Early Works of Bartolomé Ordóñez and Diego de Siloe: I 226  
MARTIN S. SORIA Agustín Esteve and Goya 239  

Letters to the Editor 267  

Book Reviews 273

List of Books Received 288

1943 December vol. 25, no. 4 

KURT WEITZMANN Three Bactrian Silver Vessels with Illustrations from Euripides 289  
HAROLD E. WETHEY The Early Works of Bartolomé Ordóñez and Diego de Siloe: II 325  
ARMÉNAG SAKISIAN Notes on the Sculpture of the Church of Akhthamar 346  
OTTO MAENCHEN-HELFEN From China to Palmyra 358  

ALICE WOLF Jacopo de’ Barbari’s Apollo and Dürer's Early Male Proportion Figures 363  

Letters to the Editor 366  

Book Reviews 372

List of Books Received 386  

Index for Volume XXV 387


1944 March vol. 26, no. 1 

HUGH MORRISON Buffington and the Invention of the Skyscraper 1  
DIMITRIS TSELOS The Enigma of Buffington's Skyscraper 3  
MURIEL B. CHRISTISON How Buffington Staked His Claim: An Analysis of His Memories and Skyscraper Drawings 13  
GEORGE BISHOP TATUM The Paliotto of Sant’ Ambrogio at Milan 25  
PAUL FOOTEN ORTON Note on the Renaissance Panels of the Paliotto 46  

CREIGHTON E. GILBERT Michelangelo’s Madrigal, Gli sguardi che tu strazii 48  
GRETE RING An Austrian Triptych 51  

Book Reviews 53

Letters to the Editor 63  

List of Books Received 64  

Notes for Contributors 65

1944 June vol. 26, no. 2 

FREDERICK HARTT Raphael and Giulio Romano, with Notes on the Raphael School 67
LEONARD OLSCHKI Asiatic Exoticism in Italian Art of the Early Renaissance 95
LUDWIG BACHHOFER The Evolution of Shang and Early Chou Bronzes 107

E. TIETZ-CONRAT Titian as a Letter Writer 117

Book and Periodical Reviews 124

List of Books Received 139

1944 September vol. 26, no. 3 

ADOLF KATZENELLENBOGEN The Central Tympanum at Vézelay, Its Encyclopedic Meaning and Its Relation to the First Crusade 141  
TRUDE KRAUTHEIMER-HESS The Original Porta dei Mesi at Ferrara and the Art of Niccolo 152  
FRANK JEWETT MATHER, JR. The Problem of the Brancacci Chapel Historically Considered 175  
LAURINE MACK BONGIORNO The Date of the Altar of the Madonna in S. Maria del Soccorso, Aquila 188  

ALFRED NICHOLSON Again the St. Francis Series 193  
ULRICH MIDDELDORF Reinterpretation of a Tintoretto 195  

Book Reviews 197

List of Books Received 206

1944 December vol. 26, no. 4 

ERNST H. KANTOROWICZ The King's Advent and the Enigmatic Panels in the Doors of Santa Sabina 207  
MEYER SCHAPIRO The Religious Meaning of the Ruthwell Cross 232  
JULIUS S. HELD Rembrandt's Polish Rider 246  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Holkham Venus in the Metropolitan Museum 266  

LIONELLO VENTURI Art and Taste 271  

Letters to the Editor 274  

Book Reviews 278

Index for Volume XXVI 287


1945 March vol. 27, no. 1 

KARL LEHMANN The Dome of Heaven 1  
MEHMET AGA-OGLU About a Type of Islamic Incense Burner 28  
PAUL FRANKL The Secret of the Mediaeval Masons 46  
ERWIN PANOFSKY An Explanation of Stornaloco's Formula 61  

VIRGINIA WYLIE A Copper-gilt Shrine in the Museo Sacro of the Vatican Library 65  
NATHALIE H. ZIMMERN A Peruvian Catafalque 66

Book Reviews 69

List of Books Received 81  

Letters to the Editor 82

1945 June vol. 27, no. 2 

HERWIN SCHAEFER The Origin of the Two-Tower Façade in Romanesque Architecture 85  
MARTIN S. SORIA Esteban March, Baroque Battle and Portrait Painter 109  
CREIGHTON E. GILBERT Milan and Savoldo 124

CHARLES DE TOLNAY Notes Concerning The Youth of Michelangelo: A Reply 139  
THOMAS T. WATERMAN Some Early Buildings of Barbados 146
HANS TIETZE AND E. TIETZE-CONRAT Venetian Drawings in the Hermitage 149  

Book Reviews 152

List of Books Received 164

Letters to the Editor 164

1945 September vol. 27, no. 3 

DAVID M. ROBB The Capitals of the Panteón de los Reyes, San Isidoro de León 165  
MILLARD MEISS Light as Form and Symbol in Some Fifteenth-Century Paintings 175  
MEYER SCHAPIRO Muscipula Diaboli: The Symbolism of the Mérode Altarpiece 182  
GRETE RING St. Jerome Extracting the Thorn from the Lion's Foot 188  

H. BUNKER WRIGHT and HENRY C. MONTGOMERY The Art Collection of a Virtuoso in Eighteenth-Century England 195  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Titian's Battle of Cadore 205

Book Reviews 209

List of Books Received 217  

Letters to the Editor 218

1945 December vol. 27, no. 4 

WOLFGANG STECHOW The Love of Antiochus with Faire Stratonica in Art 221  
OTTO MAENCHEN-HELFEN Some Remarks on Ancient Chinese Bronzes 238  
LUDWIG BACHHOFER Some Remarks on Ancient Chinese Bronzes: Reply 243  
W. L. HILDBURGH Concerning a Questionable Identification of Mediaeval Catalan Champlevé Enamels 247  

Exhibition Review
JOHN MCANDREW New Installations in the Metropolitan Museum 260  

MARTIN WEINBERGER A Sixteenth-Century Restorer 266  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Wemyss Allegory in the Art Institute of Chicago 269  

Book Reviews 272

List of Books Received 280  

Letters to the Editor 280  

Index for Volume XXVII 281


1946 March vol. 28, no. 1 

MILLARD MEISS Italian Primitives at Konopiště 1
DOROTHY C. SHORR The Iconographic Development of the Presentation in the Temple 17
ROBERT GOLDWATER Puvis de Chavannes: Some Reasons for a Reputation 33

BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. Gandhāra and Early Christian Art: the Homme-Arcade and the Date of the Bīmarān Reliquary 44
GÜNTHER NEUFELD A Drawing by Leonardo 47
H.W. JANSON Titian's Laocoon Caricature and the Vesalian-Galenist Controversy 49
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Not Paolo but Carletto Caliari 53

Book Reviews 55

Letters to the Editor 64  

List of Books Received 64

1946 June vol. 28, no. 2 

OTTO BRENDEL The Interpretation of the Holkham Venus 65
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Titian’s Workshop in His Late Years 76
WALTER CREESE Fowler and the Domestic Octagon 89
CLAY LANCASTER Some Octagonal Forms in Southern Architecture 103

ROSALIE B. GREEN A Tenth-Century Ivory with the Response Aspiciens a Longe 112
EMANUEL WINTERNITZ A Lira da Braccio in Giovanni Bellini's The Feast of the Gods 114
ERNA MANDOWSKY Two Menelaus and Patroclus Replicas in Florence and Joshua Reynolds’ Contribution 115

Exhibition Review
GREGORY BATESON Arts of the South Seas 119

Book Reviews 124  

List of Books Received 137

1946 September vol. 28, no. 3 

ERWIN R. GOODENOUGH The Crown of Victory in Judaism 139
MEHMET AGA-OGLU Is the Ewer of Saint Maurice d’Agaune a Work of Sasanian Iran? 160
ROBERT GRINNELL Iconography and Philosophy in the Crucifixion Window at Poitiers 171

JAMES THOMAS FLEXNER Robert Feke: Active ca. 1741-ca. 1750 197

Book Reviews 203

List of Books Received 209

1946 December vol. 28, no. 4 

EDWARD B. GARRISON, JR. A Berlinghieresque Fresco in S. Stefano, Bologna 211
GERTRUDE COOR-ACHENBACH A Visual Basis for the Documents Relating to Coppo di Marcovaldo and His Son Salerno 233
JEAN CHARLOT Juan Cordero, A Nineteenth-Century Mexican Muralist 248

LEO C. COLLINS A Drawing by Hercules Seghers 267
JOSE LOPEZ-REY On Velazquez’s Portrait of Cardinal Borja 270
HENRY V.S. OGDEN and MARGARET S. OGDEN Some Additions and Corrections to Lugt’s Répertoire des catalogues de ventes publiques for the Years 1682-1725 275

Book Reviews 277

List of Books Received 285

Letters to the Editor 286

Index for Volume XXVIII 291


1947 March vol. 29, no. 1 

STEPHEN G. XYDIS The Chancel Barrier, Solea, and Ambo of Hagia Sophia 1
RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER Ghiberti and Master Gusmin 25
F. ANTAL Hogarth and His Borrowings 36

OTTO BENESCH A Group of Unknown Drawings by Matthäus Günther for Some of His Main Works 49

Book Reviews 53

Letters to the Editor 65

Books Received 72

1947 June vol. 29, no. 2 

ERNST H. KANTOROWICZ The Quinity of Winchester 73  
W. F. VOLBACH Venetian-Byzantine Works of Art in Rome 86  
JUSTUS BIER Riemenschneider's Tomb of Emperor Henry and Empress Cunegund 95  

ERWIN PANOFSKY Postlogium Sugerianum 119
EDWARD GANS and GUIDO KISCH The Cambyses Justice Medal 121
GROSE EVANS Notes on Titian's Venus and the Luteplayer 123  
JULIUS S. HELD Rubens and Virgil, A Self-Correction 125  
CARL B. CONE Edmund Burke's Art Collection 126

Book Reviews 133

Letters to the Editor 143  

List of Books Received 148

1947 September vol. 29, no. 3 

MICHEL ALPATOFF The Parallelism of Giotto's Paduan Frescoes 149  
WILLIAM S. HECKSCHER Bernini's Elephant and Obelisk 155  
CLAY LANCASTER Oriental Forms in American Architecture 1800-1870 183  

STEPHAN POGLAYEN-NEUWALL The Venus of the Cà d’Oro and the Origin of the Chief Types of the Venus at the Mirror from the Workshop of Titian 195  
H. V. S. OGDEN AND MARGARET S. OGDEN A Bibliography of Seventeenth-Century Writings on the Pictorial Arts in English 196  
W. PHOENIX BELKNAP The Identity of Robert Feke 201  
HELEN C. FRICK Madame Jean Antoine Houdon 207  

Book Reviews 213

Letters to the Editor 222  

List of Books Received 224

1947 December vo. 29, no. 4 

ALEXANDER COBURN SOPER The Dome of Heaven in Asia 225  
ADOLF KATZENELLENBOGEN The Sarcophagus in S. Ambrogio and St. Ambrose 249  
LESLEY LEWIS The Architects of the Chapel at Greenwich Hospital 260  

ROLAND H. BAINTON Dürer and Luther as the Man of Sorrows 269  

Book Reviews 273  

Letters to the Editor 284  

List of Books Received 287  

Index for Volume XXIX 289


1948 March vol. 30, no. 1 

Notes for Contributors iv

ROBERT M. WALKER Illustrations to the Priscillian Prologues in the Gospel Manuscripts of the Carolingian Ada School 1  
W. L. HILDBURGH A Marble Relief Attributable to Donatello and Some Associable Stuccos 11  
RUFUS GRAVES MATHER Documents Mostly New Relating to Florentine Painters and Sculptors of the Fifteenth Century 20  

PENELOPE DAWSON A Perplexing Panel in the Jacquemart-André Collection in Paris 67  
HENRY ROX On Dürer's Knight, Death, and Devil 67  
MICHEL BENISOVICH Houdon's Statue of Voltaire Seated 70  

Book Reviews 73  

Letters to the Editor 78  

List of Books Received 80

1948 June vol. 30, no. 2 

F. ANTAL Observations on Girolamo da Carpi 81  
ALFRED NEUMEYER The Indian Contribution to Architectural Decoration in Spanish Colonial America 104
FELICE STAMPFLE An Unknown Group of Drawings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi 122  

H. W. JANSON The Hildburgh Relief: Original or Copy? 143  
C. L. V. MEEKS Henry Austin and the Italian Villa 145  

Book Reviews 151  

Letters to the Editor 160  

List of Books Received 165

1948 September vol. 30, no. 3 

ALEXANDER C. SOPER Life-Motion and the Sense of Space in Early Chinese Representational Art 167  
ROBERT C. SMITH Jesuit Buildings in Brazil 187  
THEODORE SIZER A Tentative Short-Title Check-List of the Works of Col. John Trumbull 214  

EDOARDO ARSLAN New Findings on Canaletto 225  
F. SCHMID The Color Circles by Moses Harris 227  

Book Reviews 231  

Letters to the Editor 242  

List of Books Received 247

1948 December vol. 30, no. 4 

MARTIN S. SORIA Some Flemish Sources of Baroque Painting in Spain 249  
THEODORE SIZER A Tentative Short-Title Check-List of the Works of Col. John Trumbull: II 260  
WINTHROP O. JUDKINS Toward a Reinterpretation of Cubism 270  

LANGDON WARNER Shinto, Nurse of the Arts 279  

Book Reviews 283  

List of Books Received 294  

Index to Volume XXX 297


1949 vol. 31, no. 1 

BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. The Hellenistic Tradition in Northwestern India 1
HANS TIETZE and E. TIETZE-CONRAT The Allendale Nativity in the National Gallery 11  
THEODORE SIZER A Tentative Short-Title Check-List of the Works of Col. John Trumbull: III 21  
ALFRED FRANKENSTEIN Harnett, True and False 38  

LLOYD GOODRICH Harnett and Peto: A Note on Style 57  
EMIL KAUFMANN The Contribution of Jacques-François Blondel to Mariette's Architecture Françoise 58  

Book Reviews 61  

Letters to the Editor 74  

List of Books Received 76  

Notes for Contributors 77

1949 June vol. 31, no. 2 

HANNS SWARZENSKI The Anhalt Morgan Gospels 77  
JAMES S. ACKERMAN Ars Sine Scientia Nihil Est. Gothic Theory of Architecture at the Cathedral of Milan 84  
DORA PANOFSKY Narcissus and Echo; Notes on Poussin's Birth of Bacchus in the Fogg Museum of Art 112  

MAGDA DE BÀRÀNY-OBERSCHALL Localization of the Enamels of the Upper Hemisphere of the Holy Crown of Hungary 121  
E. TIETZE-CONRAT Mantegna's Parnassus; A Discussion of a Recent Interpretation 126  
EMIL KAUFMANN Jean-Jacques Lequeu 130  
CLARENCE KENNEDY The Selection of Copy for Illustrations 135  

Book Reviews 143  

List of Books Received 155

1949 September vol. 31, no. 3 

CARL D. SHEPPARD, JR. Iconography of the Cloister of Monreale 159  
GÜNTHER NEUFELD Leonardo da Vinci's Battle of Anghiari: A Genetic Reconstruction 170  
CRAIG HUGH SMYTH The Earliest Works of Bronzino 184  

RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER Some Drawings of Early Christian Basilicas in Rome: St. Peter's and S. Maria Maggiore 211  
RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER The Acclamation Scene on the Doors of Santa Sabina x 215  
DENIS MAHON Guercino's Paintings of Semiramis 217  
EDGAR WIND Mantegna's Parnassus: A Reply to Some Recent Reflections 224  

Book Reviews 233  

Letters to the Editor 246  

List of Books Received 247

1949 December vol. 31, no. 4 

ROBERT SCRANTON Group Design in Greek Architecture 247  
ERNST KITZINGER The Mosaics of the Cappella Palatina in Palermo: An Essay on the Choice and Arrangement of Subjects 269  
NIKOLAUS PEVSNER Richard Payne Knight 293  

MIRELLA LEVI D’ANCONA Is the Kaniska Reliquary a Work from Mathurā? 321  
ROBERT C. SMITH A Philadelphia Allegory 323  

Book Reviews 327

List of Books Received 337  

Index to Volume XXXI 339
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