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Decade: 1930s

1930 June vol. 12, no. 1

FRANK JEWETT MATHER JR. An Unrecognized Composition by Raphael 5
JOSEPH PIJOAN El Greco – A Spaniard 13
WALTER W. S. COOK Romanesque Spanish Mural Painting (II) 21
W. R. VALENTINER Leonardo as Verrocchio’s Coworker 43
W. A. CAMPBELL A Romanesque Processional Cross 90

Reviews 98

1930 June vol. 12, no. 2

LESTER D. LONGMAN Two Fragments of an Early Textile in the Museo Cristiano 115
PERRY B. COTT Siculo-Arabic Ivories in the Museo Cristiano 131
ANDREW S. KECK A Group of Italo-Byzantine Ivories 147
W. L. M. BURKE A Bronze Situla in the Museo Cristiano 163
MEHMET AĞA-OĞLU The Fatih Mosque at Constantinople 179

Reviews 196

1930 September vol. 12, no. 3

MICHEL V. ALPATOFF A Byzantine Illuminated Manuscript of the Palaeologue Epoch in Moscow 207
GEORGE E. MYLONAS A Bronze Statuette of Heracles 219
HELEN WOODRUFF The Physiologus of Bern 226
RAYMOND S. STITES The Bronzes of Leonardo Da Vinci 254
ALFRED NICHOLSON The Roman School at Assisi 270

Reviews 301

1930 December vol. 12, no. 4

RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Selimiyeh in Konya 311
MARTIN A. CHARLES Hagia Sophia and the Great Imperial Mosques 321
YOORI A. OLSUFIEV The Development of Russian Icon Painting from the Twelfth to the Nineteenth Century 347
DAVID M. ROBB Niccolò: A North Italian Sculptor of the Twelfth Century 374

Reviews 421


1931 March vol. 13, no. 1

ALFRED VANCE CHURCHILL A Self-Portrait by Goya 5
GERTRUDE R. BENSON New Light on the Origin of the Utrecht Psalter 13
HELEN WOODRUFF The Iconography and Date of the Mosaics of La Daurade 80
E. BALDWIN SMITH The Chalice and Paten of William Archer 107

Reviews 118

1931 June vol. 13, no. 2

THEODORE LESLIE SHEAR The Lion Group at Sardis 127
J. DONALD YOUNG A Sarcophagus at Providence 138
LUCIANO HUIDOBRÓ The Art of the Reconquest in Castile (Valle de Mena) 160
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Primitive Rugs of the Konya Type in the Mosque of Beyshehir 177
HANS HENNING VON DER OSTEN The Ancient Seals from the Near East in the Metropolitan Museum 221

Reviews 242

1931 September vol. 13, no. 3

MEYER SCHAPIRO The Romanesque Sculpture of Moissac: Part I (1) 249
HIRSCH LOEB GORDON The Basilica and the Stoa in Early Rabbinical Literature: A Study in Near Eastern Architecture 353 
MILLARD MEISS Ugolino Lorenzetti 376 

Reviews 398

1931 December vol. 13, no. 4

JAMES J. RORIMER A Fourteenth Century Catalan Tomb at the Cloisters and Related Monuments 409
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Persian Islamic Stucco Sculptures 439 
BY MEYER SCHAPIRO The Romanesque Sculpture of Moissac: Part I (2) 464

Reviews 532 


1932 March vol. 14, no. 1

G. A. S. SNIJDER Antique and Mediaeval Gems on Bookcovers at Utrecht 5  
J. M. FRIESENEGGER The Ulric Crosses 55  
BERTHA H. WILES Tribolo in His Michelangelesque Vein 59  

Reviews  71

1932 June vol. 14, no. 2

W. L. HILDBURGH A Mediaeval Bronze Pectoral Cross 79
MARION LAWRENCE Columnar Sarcophagi in the Latin West 103

Reviews  186

1932 September vol. 14, no. 3

W. R. VALENTINER Carel and Barent Fabritius 197  
BENJAMIN ROWLAND JR. Gabriel Guardia: A Fifteenth Century Painter of Manresa 243
ELIZABETH A. ROSE The Meaning of the Reliefs on the Second Pier of the Orvieto Façade 258

Reviews  277  

1932 December vol. 14, no. 4

S. L. FAISON, JR. Barna and Bartolo di Fredi 285  
WALTER MUIR WHITEHILL, JR. The Destroyed Romanesque Church of Santo Domingo de Silos 316
BURTON YOST BERRY Old Turkish Towels 344
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL Greek Orthodox Vestments and Ecclesiastical Fabrics 359

Reviews  374


1933 March vol. 15, no. 1

HAROLD R. WILLOUGHBY Codex 2400 and its Miniatures 3  
ARTHUR UPHAM POPE A Sasanian Garden Palace 75  

Reviews and Notes 86
G. A. SNIJDER Note to Antique and Medieval Gems on Bookcovers at Utrecht By G. A. Snijder, The Art Bulletin 1932 XIV, no. 1, pp. 5-52, 91

1933 June vol. 15, no. 2

MILLARD MEISS The Problem of Francesco Traini 97  
MOLLY OHL GODWIN Mediaeval Cloister Arcades from St.-Pons and Pontaut 174

Reviews  190

1933 September vol. 15, no. 3

JOAN EVANS Mediaeval Wheel-Shaped Brooches 197  
ERNEST T. DE WALD Notes on the Tuotilo Ivories in St. Gall 202  
ARIF MUFID BEY The Excavation of the Balaban Agha Mesdjidi in Istanbul 210
T. H. FOKKER The First Baroque Church in Rome 230  
HANS TIETZE Dürer in America 250  
GEORGE M. RICHTER Conscious and Subconscious Elements in the Creation of Works of Art 275  

Reviews and Notes  290
S. L. FAISON Note to Barna and Bartola de Fredi By S. L. Faison In The Art Bulletin Dec 1932 293

1933 December vol. 15, no. 4

T. H. FOKKER The Origin of Baroque Painting 299  
GEORG STUHLFAUTH A Greek Psalter with Byzantine Miniatures 310
SIRARPIE DER NERSESSIAN The Date of the Initial Miniatures of the Etchmiadzin Gospel 327 
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL A Seljuq Koran Stand with Lacquer-Painted Decoration in the Museum of Konya 361
J. HEINRICH SCHMIDT Turkish Brocades and Italian Imitations 374  
JULIUS BAUM Fourteenth Century Alabaster Reliefs of the Epiphany 384 

Reviews and Notes 388
WLHELM NEUSS Note on the above Review of Die Apokalypse….By Wilhelm Neuss 391
JOSEPH PIJOAN Note on the Problem of the Apokalypse 393
AUGUST L. MAYER Note on Conscious and Subconscious Elements in the Creation of Works of Art By Martin Richter In The Art Bulletin XV 3 pp. 275-289 394 


1934 March vol. 16, no. 1

JEAN LAMBERT BROCKWAY Trumbull's Sortie 5  
W. FREDERICK STOHLMAN Assembling Marks on Limoges Champlevé Enamels as a Basis for Classification 14  
ALBERT C. PHELPS A Leaf from the Note-Book of Antonio San Gallo the Younger 19
BY J. B. C. GRUNDY Runge and Carové: An Unpublished Document of the Romantik 23  
RICHARD M. BAUM Hogarth and Fielding as Social Critics 30  
M. ALISON FRANTZ Byzantine Illuminated Ornament: A Study in Chronology 43

1934 June vol. 16, no. 2

ULRICH MIDDELDORF Giuliano da Sangallo and Andrea Sansovino 107  
GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Journey of Ferrer Bassa 116  
R. WITTKOWER Michelangelo's Biblioteca Laurenziana 123  

Reviews 219

1934 September vol. 16, no. 3

GEORG PUDELKO The Early Works of Paolo Uccello 231  
H. BODMER The Aldobrandini Landscapes in the Doria-Pamphili Gallery 260
GEORGE MARTIN RICHTER Unfinished Pictures by Giorgione 272  
GEORGIANA GODDARD KING Iconographical Notes on the Passion 291  

Reviews 304

1934 September vol. 15, no. 4

ARTHUR UPHAM POPE The Historic Significance of Stucco Decoration in Persian Architecture 321
F. E. HYSLOP, JR. A Byzantine Reliquary of the True Cross from the Sancta Sanctorum 333
EDGAR C. SCHENCK A Painted Wooden Pyxis in the Museo Cristiano of the Vatican Library 341
STEPHAN POGLAYEN-NEUWALL Titian's Pictures of the Toilet of Venus and their Copies 358
RICHARD M. BAUM Joseph Nollekens: A Neo-Classic Eccentric 385

Reviews and Notes 396
GEORGE MARTIN RICHTER Note on Unfinished Pictures by Giorgione in The Art Bulletin XVI 1934 pp. 272-290 401


1935 March vol. 17, no. 1

M. ALPATOV Poussin Problems 5
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY Mediaeval Aesthetic: I. Dionysius the Pseudo-Aeropagite, and Ulrich Engelberti of Strassburg 31  
E. M. UPJOHN Buffington and the Skyscraper 48
GEORG PUDELKO The Minor Masters of the Chiostro Verde 71  
ULRICH MIDDELDORF Two Wax Reliefs by Guglielmo della Porta 90  
GEORGE W. ELDERKIN Echoes of Antiquity 99  

Reviews and Notes 102
[Correction] Note on Museo Cristiano articles in The Art Bulletin XVI 1934 pp. 333-357 102

1935 June vol. 17, no. 2

A. G. COTTON and R. M. WALKER Minor Arts of the Renaissance in the Museo Cristiano 119
S. L. FALSON JR. A Gothic Processional Cross in the Museo Cristiano 163
VICTOR LASAREFF The Mosaics of Cefalù 184

Reviews 233

1935 September vol. 17, no. 3

FREDERICK B. DEKNATEL The Thirteenth Century Gothic Sculpture of the Cathedrals of Burgos and Leon 243  
W. FREDERICK STOHLMAN Quantity Production of Limoges Champlevé Enamels 390  

Notes and Reviews 397
ALISON FRANTZ A Lost Manuscript from Megaspelion 397

1935 December vol. 17, no. 4

MEYER SCHAPIRO New Documents on St.-Gilles 415
ERWIN PANOFSKY The Friedsam Annunciation and the Problem of the Ghent Altarpiece 433  
GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Virgin of Humility 474  
JULIUS BAUM The Porch of Andlau Abbey 492

Notes and Reviews 506  
PAUL S. WINGERT An Adoration in the Cluny Museum 506

Index Back Matter 


1936 March vol. 18, no. 1

MARY ALICE WYMAN The Helyas Legend as Represented on the Embriachi Ivories at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 5  
W. L. M. BURKE Lucas Cranach the Elder 25
JEAN LIPMAN The Florentine Profile Portrait in the Quattrocento 54  

Notes and Reviews 103
GEORGE E. MYLONAS The Stele of Kallistrate in the Museum of St. Louis 103

1936 June vol. 18, no. 2

DAVID M. ROBINSON The Cyniscus of Polyclitus 133  
DOROTHY KENT HILL A Copy of the Athena Parthenos 150  
DOROTHY MINER A Late Reichenau Evangeliary in the Walters Gallery Library 168  
MARVIN CHAUNCEY ROSS The Reliquary of Saint Amandus 187
C. R. MOREY A Group of Gothic Ivories in the Walters Art Gallery 199  
EDWARD S. KING Notes on the Paintings by Giovanni di Paolo in the Walters Collection 215  
STEPHEN V. GRANCSAY A Pair of Seventeenth Century Brescian Pistols 240  
GEORGE HEARD HAMILTON The Origin of Barye's Tiger Hunt 249  

Notes and Reviews 258  
MEYER SCHAPIRO, The New Vienna School; review of Otto Pächt, ed., Kunstwissenchaftiche Forschungen II 258

1936 September vol. 18, no. 3

ROBERT C. SMITH, Jr. João Frederico Ludovice, an Eighteenth Century Architect in Portugal 273  
BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. A Revised Chronology of Gandhãra Sculpture 387
S. A. CALLISEN A Bust of a Prelate in the Metropolitan Museum, New York 401
A. M. G. LITTLE Scaenographia 407  

Notes and Reviews 419
HERMANN W. WILLIAMS JR. Four Drawings Attributed to Christoph Jamnitzer 419

1936 December vol. 18, no. 4

MILLARD MEISS The Madonna of Humility 435  
PARKER LESLEY Two Triptychs and a Crucifix in the Museo Cristiano 465  
DAVID M. ROBB The Iconography of the Annunciation in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries 480  
DONALD DREW EGBERT The Grey-Fitzpayn Hours: An English Gothic Manuscript of the Fourteenth Century now in the Fitzwilliam Museum; Cambridge, MS. 242 527  
FRANKLIN M. BIEBEL The Mosaics of Hammam Lif 541  
JAMES GROTE VANDERPOOL A Comparison of Byzantine Planning at Constantinople and in Greece 552  

Reviews 570  


1937 March vol. 19, no. 1

GÉZA DE FRANCOVICH A Romanesque School of Wood Carvers in Central Italy 5  
BENJAMIN ROWLAND, JR. Notes on the Dated Statues of the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Beginning of Buddhist Sculpture in China 92  

Notes and Reviews 108
ALFRED NICHOLSON Croce and Modern Art 108
MEYER SCHAPIRO Further Documents on St. Gilles 111
HERMANN W. WILLIAMS Supplementary Note Regarding Four Drawings Attributed to Christoph Jamnitzer
GRANT MCCOLLEY The Three Editions of Filippo Morghen’s Raccolta 112
PAUL S. WINGERT An Ecole de Jean Goujoun Relief in the Louvre 118  

1937 June vol. 19, no. 2

EMERSON H. SWIFT The Bronze Doors of the Gate of the Horologium at Hagia Sophia 137  
ALEXANDER COBURN SOPER The Latin Style on Christian Sarcophagi of the Fourth Century 148  
ALEXANDRA CONSTANTINOWA LI Tresors of Brunetto Latini 203  
HERMANN BEENKEN The Annunciation of Petrus Cristus in the Metropolitan Museum and the Problem of Hubert van Eyck 220  
RUDOLF WITTKOWER Carlo Rainaldi and the Roman Architecture of the Full Baroque 242  

Notes and Reviews 314
JEROME KLEIN An Analysis of Poussin’s Et in Arcadia Ego 314
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY The Virgin Suckling St. Bernard 317

1937 September vol. 19, no. 3

JOHN S. THACHER The Paintings of Francisco de Herrera, The Elder 325
HAROLD E. WETHEY Anequín de Egas Cueman, A Fleming in Spain 381
EDWARD L. MILLS A Croup of Catalan Fourteenth Century Churches 403
HORST W. JANSON The Putto with the Death’s Head 423
S. A. CALLISEN The Evil Eye in Italian Art 450
GEORGE M. A. HANFMANN Studies in Etruscan Bronze Reliefs: The Gigantomachy 463
A. M. G. LITTLE Perspective and Scene Painting 486

Notes and Reviews 496
[No note in this issue]

1937 December vol. 19, no. 4

W. R. VALENTINER Andrea Dell’Aquila Painter and Sculptor 503
F. P. JOHNSON Oltos and Euphronios 537  
ERWIN PANOFSKY The First Two Projects of Michelangelo’s Tomb of Julius II 561
WALLACE SPENCER BALDINGER Formal Change in Recent American Painting 580

Notes and Reviews 592
JOSEPH PIJOAN The Parable of the Virgins from Dura-Europos 592
C. R. MOREY The Inscription on the Enameled Cross of Paschal I 595


1938 March vol. 20, no. 1

W. L. HIILDBURGH A Small, Unfinished Bronze Group Attributed to Benvenuto Cellini 5
FRANK JEWETT MATHER, JR. When was Titian Born? 13
VICTOR LASAREFF Studies in the Iconography of the Virgin 26
ANANDA COOMARASWAMY Mediaeval Aesthetic: II. St. Thomas Aquinas on Dionysius, and a Note on the Relation of Beauty to Truth 66  
DONALD MACRAE Emerson and the Arts 78

Notes and Reviews 96
ANTHONY BLUNT Poussin’s Et in Arcadia Ego 96
DOROTHY SHORR Some Notes on the Iconography of Petrarch’s Triumph of Fame 100
J. A. OLSUFYEV Recent Restorations of Ancient Russian Frescoes 106

1938 June vol. 20, no. 2

ALVAN C. EASTMAN A Survey of Formulae in the Miniature Painting of Western India 133
ALEXANDER COBURN SOPER The Italo-Gallic School of Early Christian Art 145
HJÖRVADUR HARVARD ÁRNASON Early Christian Silver of North Italy and Gaul 193

Notes and Reviews 227

1938 September vol. 20, no. 3

RICHARD M. BAUM A Rowlandson Chronology 237
BURTON YOST BERRY Old Turkish Towels (II) 251
ROBERT P. GRIFFING, JR. An Early Christian Ivory Plaque in Cyprus and Notes on the Asiatic Ampullae 266
HERMANN GOETZ Persians and Persian Costumes in Dutch Painting of the Seventeenth Century 280
ALFRED NEUMEYER Hans von Marées and the Classical Doctrine in the Nineteenth Century 291
WALTER FRIEDLAENDER The Inscription on the St. Louis Stele of 505 A.D. 312

Notes and Reviews 320
Walter Friedlaender La Tintura della Rosa (the Sacred and Profane Love) by Titian 320  

1938 December vol. 20, no. 4

PETER H. BRIEGER Principles of French Classical Painting 339  
VALENTIN MÜLLER A Chronology of Greek Sculpture 400 BC to 40 BC 359
ERWIN PANOFSKY Once More The Friedsam Annunciation and the Problem of the Ghent Altarpiece 419

Notes and Reviews 443  
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY Note on Review by Richard Florsheim of Is Art a Superstition or a Way of Life by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, in The Art Bulletin XX, p. 126f. 443  
GEORGE MARTIN RICHTER Note on Review by Frank Jewett Mather, Jr. of Giorgio del Castelfranco, called Giorgione in The Art Bulletin XIX, pp. 596-601 443


1939 March vol. 21, no. 1

JAMES B. FORD and G. STEPHEN VICKERS The Relation of Nuno Conçalves to the Pietà from Avignon, with a Consideration of the Iconography of the Pietà in France 5
HAROLD E. WETHEY Guillermo Sagrera 44
ELIZABETH READ SUNDERLAND The History and Architecture of the Church of St. Fortunatus at Charlieu in Burgundy 61

AUGUST L. MAYER Niccolò Aurelio, The Commissioner of Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love 89

Reviews 89

1939 June vol. 21, no. 2

WILFRID H. WELLS The Eastern Gate of the Kien-Chu Pass 103
ROBERT C. SMITH, JR. The Colonial Architecture of Minas Gerais in Brazil 110
S. A. CALLISEN The Iconography of the Cock on the Column 160
LYDIA NADEJENA The Pskov School of Painting 179

MARVIN CHAUNCY ROSS The Enameled Reliquary of Bañeres 192

Reviews 192

1939 September vol. 21, no. 3

EMIL KAUFMANN Étienne-Louis Boullée 213
ANDREW PIGLER The Importance of Iconographical Exactitude 228
ANDREW CARNDUFF RITCHIE Léonard Limosin’s Triumph of the Faith, with Portraits of the House of Guise 238
ELEANOR SVATIK A Euphronios Kylix 251
HOWARD COMFORT Some Roman Barbotine Bowls and their Connections 272

ANNE ARMSTRONG WALLIS A Pictorial Principle of Mannerism 280
PAUL A. UNDERWOOD Notes on Bernini’s Towers for St. Peter’s in Rome 283
BERNARD N. SCHILLING Victorian Decoration and the Gospel of Labor 287

Reviews 290

1939 December vol. 21, no. 4

MEYER SCHAPIRO From Mozarabic to Romanesque in Silos 313
PAUL S. WINGERT The Funerary Urn of Francis I 383

AMOS B. THACHER Fifteenth Century Design in a Nineteenth Century Rug 401
ERWIN PANOFSKY Note on the Importance of Iconographical Exactitude 402
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY Note on the Iconography of the Cock on the Column 402
CARSON WEBSTER Note on the Labors of the Months 403

Reviews 302
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