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Decade: 1920s

1920 March vol. 2, no. 3

ALFRED M. BROOKS Drawing 137
BENJAMIN IVES GILMAN Thoughts for Saint Sylvester’s Day 148
EDWARD W. FORBES The Technical Study and Physical Care of Paintings 160
RICHARD F. BACH Schools, Colleges, and the Industrial Arts 171

Reviews 176

Program of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 182

1920 June vol. 2, no. 4 

DUNCAN PHILIPS J. Alden Weir 189 

LOUIS E. LORD A Russian Painter of the Nineteenth Century, Elyas Repin 213
ROSSITER HOWARD The History of Interior Decoration 219

Reviews 225

Minutes of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 228

1920 September vol. 3, no. 1

Books for the College Art Library
Encyclopaedic Works 5
  Theory 6
Criticism 7
Technique 7
Various Arts
Architecture 8
Sculpture 9
Painting 10
Minor Arts 10

Prehistoric 11

General 12
Egypt 13
Western Asia 13
Minoan and Mycenaean 14
Greek, Etruscan, and Roman
General 15
Architecture 16
Sculpture 17 
Painting and Minor Arts 17
General 19
Early Christian 20
Byzantine 21
General 21
Architecture 22
Sculpture 26
Painting 26
Minor Arts 27
General 28
Architecture 28
Sculpture 29
Italy 31
Spain 34
France 35
Germany 36
The Low Countries 36
Minor Arts 37

Mohammedan 38

Far Eastern
China and Japan 38
India 40

General 41
Architecture and Sculpture 42
General 42
France 42
England 43
America 45
Other Countries 46
Minor Arts 46

Periodicals 47 

Serial Productions 49

1920 December vol. 3, no. 2

ARTHUR EDWIN BYE Modern Dutch Art 69
REGINALD POLAND Art Association and Pageants 77
CHARLES A BENNETT A National Program of Industrial Art Education 84
JOHN SHAPLEY A Portrait of the Princesse de Lamballe 92

Reviews 98

The Tenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 101


1921 March vol. 3, no. 3

EDWIN M. BLAKE Dynamic Symmetry – A Criticism 107
P. P. CLAXTON The Fine Arts in the Education of the People 128

Reviews 132

Program of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 140

1921 June vol. 3, no. 4

DUNCAN PHILLIPS The Phillips Memorial Art Gallery 147
JOHN PICKARD Some Decorations in the New State Capitol at Jefferson City, Missouri 153
ARTHUR S. ALLEN The Application of the Munsell Color System to The Graphic Arts 158
ERWIN O. CHRISTENSEN Points of Approach in the Teaching of Elementary Art History 162

Reviews 168

Notes 178
Minutes of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America

1921 September vol. 4, no. 1

A. D. FRASER The Age of the Extant Columns of the Olympieum at Athens 5
JOHN SHAPLEY A Note to Purgatorio X, 55–63 19
HOWARD FREEMONT STRATTON The Pageant in Colleges and Art Schools 27

Reviews 31

Eleventh Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 39
Dues of Active Members 39

1921 December vol. 4, no. 2

CORNELIA G. HARCUM A Statue of Aphrodite in the Royal Ontario Museum 45
ALFRED MANSFIELD BROOKS Our Substitute for Nature 59
C. R. MOREY The Origin of the Asiatic Sarcophagi 64

Reviews 71


1922 March vol. 4, no. 3

BENJAMIN IVES GILMAN Two Essays on Appreciation 85
ARTHUR EDWIN BYE The American School 90
A. D. FRASER Xenophon and the Boeotian Helmet 99

Reviews 109

1922 June vol. 4, no. 4

C. R. MOREY Christus Crucifer 117
HOLMES SMITH An Art Service Bureau 127
ARTHUR EDWIN BYE Boccaccio Boccaccino’s Mystic Marriage of St. Catharine 130
A. D. FRASER A New Athenian Discovery 139

Reviews 144

Program of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America 147

1922 September vol. 5, no. 1

GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Rider on the White Horse 3
HELEN B. CHAPIN Themes of the Japanese Netsuké-Carver 10

Reviews 22

1922 December vol. 5, no. 2

FERN RUSK SHAPLEY and CLARENCE KENNEDY Brunelleschi in Competition with Ghiberti 31
WALTER HARING The Winged St. John the Baptist: Two Examples in American Collections 35

Reviews 41


1923 March vol. 5, no. 3

PHILIA CALDER NYE The Romanesque Signs of the Zodiac 55
A. D. FRASER A New Roman Tomb-Painting 58
JOHN SHAPLEY Another Sidamara Sarcophagus 61
ALFRED ANSFIELD BROOKS In Memoriam: Sir Christopher Wren 76

Reviews 77

1923 June vol. 5, no. 4

W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (I) 85
H. H. POWERS The Ludovisi Throne and the Boston Relief 102
DAVID M. ROBINSON An Original Greek Bronze Statuette in Munich 109

Reviews 111

Program of the Twelfth Annual Meeting 113

1923 September vol. 6, no. 1

ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS The Origin and Date of the Bayeux Embroidery 3
ELLSWORTH WOODWARD Present Day Art in the South: Cause and Effect 8
M. S. DIMAND Mediaeval Textiles of Sweden 11
EDWIN M. BLAKE The Art Division of the American Ceramic Society 17

Reviews 20

1923 December vol. 6, no. 2

WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (II) 31

Reviews 65 


1924 March vol. 6, no. 3

ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS Modena, Bari, and Hades 71
H. L. EBELING The Origin of the Corinthian Capital 75
M. S. DIMAND Medallion Carpets 82

Reviews 85

Thirteenth Annual Conference 93

1924 June vol. 6, no. 4

KATE DENNY MCKNIGHT The Ulysses Panels by Piero di Cosimo at Vassar College 99
ADÈLE COULIN WEIBEL A Romanesque Madonna 103
W. R. AGARD Roy Sheldon as Creator of Form 105

Reviews 107

1924 September vol. 7, no. 1

A. KINGSLEY PORTER Spain or Toulouse? And Other Questions 3
HELEN BURWELL CHAPIN The Theme of a Japanese Netsuké 26

Reviews 28 

1924 December vol. 7, no. 2

C. R. MOREY The Sources of Mediaeval Style 35
WALTER W. S. COOK Spanish and French Paintings in the Lehman Collection 51

Reviews 71
Fourteenth Annual Meeting 75


1925 March vol. 7, no. 3

ERNEST T. DEWALD The Art of the Scriptorium of Einsiedeln 79
R. M. RIEFSTAHL Turkish Bird Rugs and Their Design 91
JOHN SHAPLEY A Lost Cartoon for Leonardo’s Madonna with St. Anne 96

Reviews 103

1925 June vol. 7, no. 4

A. PHILLIP MCMAHON Some Aspects of Ignacio Zuloaga 117
MYRTILLA AVERY The Alexandrian Style at Santa Maria Antiqua, Rome 131
MARION LAWRENCE Maria Regina 150

Reviews s162

1925 September vol. 8, no. 1

A. AMES JR. Depth in Pictorial Art 5
ALFRED MANSFIELD BROOKS Drawings by Benjamin West 25
ROGER GILMAN The Paris Exposition: A Glimpse into the Future, by Roger Gilman 33
ARTHUR UPHAM POPE Research Methods in Muhammadan Art 43

Reviews 50

1925 December vol. 8, no. 2

WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (III) 57
H. H. POWERS Art and Economics 105
ERNEST T. DEWALD The Golden Book of Pfävers 112

Reviews 118


1926 March vol. 8, no. 3

THOMAS T. HOOPES An Ivory Casket in the Metropolitan Museum of Art 127
ARTHUR MCCOMB Francesco Ubertini (Bacchiacca) 141
HANS HENNING VON DER OSTEN Seven Parthian Statuettes 169

Reviews 175

Fifteenth Annual Meeting 182

1926 June vol. 8, no. 4

KENNETH CONANT Two Drawings of the Cathedral of Avila 191
WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (IV) 195
A. KINGSLEY PORTER Leonesque Romanesque and Southern France 235
JOSÉ PIJOAN Romanesque Baroque 251

Reviews 255

1926 September vol. 9, no. 1

DAVID M. ROBINSON Roman Sculptures from Colonia Caesarea (Pisidian Antioch) 5
FRANK JEWETT MATHER JR. An Enigmatic Venetian Picture at Detroit 70
STELLA BLOCH Chinese Art s76

Reviews 80

1926 December vol. 9, no. 2

JOSEPH WILPERT Early Christian Sculpture: Its Restoration and Its Modern Manufacture 89
PHYLLIS ACKERMAN Recently Identified Designers of Gothic Tapestries 142

Reviews 163


1927 March vol. 9, no. 3

W. R. VALENTINER Observations on Sienese and Pisan Trecento Sculpture 177
SIRARPIE der NERSESSIAN Two Slavonic Parallels of the Greek Tetraevangelia: Paris 74 223

Reviews 275

Notes 281
[Program of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the College Art Association]

1927 June vol. 9, no. 4

ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY The Origin of the Buddha Image 287
EDWARD CAPPS JR. An Ivory Pyxis in the Museo Cristiano and a Plaque from the Sancta Sanctorum 331
MILDRED STAPLEY BYNE Gothic Painted Ceilings from Teruel 343
JOSEPH BRECK The Ficoroni Medallion and Some Other Gilded Glasses in the Metropolitan Museum of Art 353

Reviews 357

1927 September vol. 10, no. 1
Studies in the Late Antique Undertaken in the School of Classical Studies of the American Academy in Rome, 1925–1926

MARION LAWRENCE City-Gate Sarcophagi 1
FRANCIS HENRY TAYLOR The Sarcophagus of San Lorenzo 47
EDWARD CAPPS JR. The Style of the Consular Diptychs 61
LESLIE WEBBER JONES The Archetypes of the Terence Miniatures 103

1927 December vol. 10, no. 2

FISKE KIMBALL Luciano Laurana and the High Renaissance 125
WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (V) 153

Reviews 205


1928 March vol. 10, no. 3

THEODORE LESLIE SHEAR The Horse of Sardis 215
CORRADO RICCI The Art of Scenography 231
A. D. FRASER A Roman Portrait in Chicago 258
NICHOLAS N. MARTINOVITCH The Funeral of Sultan Murad III of Turkey 263
WALTER W. S. COOK A Romanesque Fresco in the Plandiura Collection 266
JOSEPH STRZYGOWSKI North and South in the History of American Art 274

Reviews 279

1928 June vol. 10, no. 4
WALTER W. S. COOK The Earliest Painted Panels of Catalonia (VI) 305
ALFRED M. BROOKS A Relief by Mestrovich 366
JOSEF STRZYGOWSKI The Authenticity of Early Christian Silver 370
ERNST DIEZ Moldavian Portrait Textiles 377

Reviews 386


1929 March vol. 11, no. 1

C. R. MOREY Notes on East Christian Miniatures 5
W. L. HILDBURGH Two Small Twelfth Century Crosses made at Cologne 104

Reviews 113

1929 June vol. 11, no. 2

ARTHUR EDWIN BYE Stained Glass Panels from the Workshop of Dirk Vellert in the Goldman Collection 125
AUGUST L. MAYER El Greco – an Oriental Artist 146
WALTER S. COOK Early Spanish Panel Painting in the Plandiura Collection (I) 155
A. PHILIP MCMAHON The New Protagoras: A Pedantic Dialogue 187
RUDOLF M. RIEFSTAHL The Date and Provenance of the Automata Miniatures 206
ANANDA K. COOMARASWAMY The Tree of Jesse and Indian Parallels or Sources 217

Reviews 221

1929 September vol. 11, no. 3

E. LOUISE LUCAS List of Books for the College Art Library 241

Reviews 295

1929 December vol. 11, no. 4

GEORGIANA GODDARD KING The Triumph of the Cross 317
WALTER W. S. COOK Romanesque Spanish Mural Painting (I) 327
EDWARD S. KING The Carolingian Frescoes of the Abbey of Saint-Germain d’Auxerre 359
EVELYN SANDBERG VAVALÀ A Chapter in Fourteenth Century Iconography: Verona 376

Reviews 415
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