Workbook for Introduction to Digital Humanities: A-State

Morgan's Bio Analysis

As an educator, I have decided to focus on biographies of professional educators. Because I am a history teach, I decided to look at two professional educators who are now National Council for the Social Studies board members, and two educators, with no emphasis on history, that I personally look to for motivation and guidance in becoming a better educator.

Tina Heafner:
NCSS Vice-President
Terry Cherry:
NCSS President

Ron Clark:
Founder of Ron Clark Academy

Ruby Payne:
Author of “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”

After researching and assessing multiple education professionals, from what I have gathered, a good academic/professional biography is one that provides a list of past and present teaching experiences and a list of education academic achievements. Along with experiences and achievements, education professional biographies also include a list of professional presentations the educator has given, as well as a list of any publications they might have. All of their biographies are written in third person and the intended audience is anyone interested in their work and accomplishments. The professional’s personal life seems to have been glossed over or ignored all together. Possibly due to the fact that when one is looking for a professional biography, that person is more than likely looking for the professional successes of that professional. The writer, whether it is the person of interest, or someone writing about the said professional, the biography has a good beginning and end. The writer’s goal in writing a professional biography is obviously to make the professional seem well rounded and involved in their profession. 

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