Workbook for Introduction to Digital Humanities: A-State

Edward Harthorn

Edward Harthorn is a master’s student at Arkansas State University, with emphases in global history and historic preservation. As a graduate assistant, he has taught undergraduate courses in World Civilization before and since the 17th century. In 2014 he spent a semester studying in India, and in 2017 he studied for three weeks in Israel; he has also traveled to Haiti and Istanbul, Turkey.
Harthorn is the founder and executive director of Initiative Fractal (IF), a service organization based in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Recent activities of IF include establishing a study abroad scholarship, researching and restoring a historic cemetery, and salvaging a century-old fence from a property slated for demolition. In the summer of 2017, he served as a cemetery restoration technical specialist with Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps of Duluth, Minnesota.

A 2016 graduate of Williams Baptist College, Harthorn served as a tutor in history and English while a student; he was the recipient of the WBC History Department’s Academic Award and the WBC Founder’s Award. He has presented papers at several conferences and was the 2016 recipient of the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives Award for his article on 19th-century preacher David Orr. His publications include an Encyclopedia of Arkansas article on Orr and the article “Hollowed and Hallowed Trust within James Fenimore Cooper's The Crater” in James Fenimore Cooper: His Country and His Art, No. 19.

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