2020-2021 Wonderland

Rabbit Hole

Lejin Fan

Artist Statement

Even though I was born and raised in an eastern country, growing up Alice i n Wonderland is still one of the stories that were the most impressive to me, especially the scene of Alice falling down to the rabbit hole. For me, this scene is the beginning but also the twist and link of everything in Alice’s adventure, this scene brings endless stories but also allows us to interpret them on our own as well.

Inspired by this, I wanted to present an artwork that full of dreamy scenes but leaves room for the audiences’ own imaginations as well. Although the final artwork uses a lot of rather obvious motifs to show more from a child ’s perspective such as the rabbits, I deeply appreciate that I still got comments about different interpretations from my audiences, which I also consider to reflect my understanding of Lewis Carroll's work.

I challenged myself to shoot on the super 8mm film for the first time in this piece, and I did all the directing and editing as well.

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