2020-2021 Wonderland

Nothing is Impassable

Lara Lebeiko

Artist Statement

Lara LebeikoI am a grad student in landscape architecture. I decided to leave my previous career, because I wanted to work on climate change and improve the problematic urban design that has accelerated a lot of inequity and worsened climate risks.

In my field, each day we find ourselves staring down the road at hazardous climate change and wondering how to help society address it. We study projections about urban heat hazards, the severity of sea level rise, and other daily scenarios. We are often overcome with concern, and I have been grateful for time this year with my niece and nephew, who help me keep a spirit of childlike wonder.

In these dystopian times, many are frightened, yet many others are slow to empathize and act – sometimes bizarrely so.

Things are difficult, but innovative solutions will come from overcoming worry with curiosity. I enjoy Carroll’s quote from Alice in Wonderland, where she interacts with the door: “It’s impassable! Nothing is impossible!”

“I simply must get through!”
“Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible.” “You mean impossible?
“No, impassible. Nothing's impossible!”

In that spirit, I created this collage image to reflect the confusing times we live in, and the challenges we face. Playfulness and cheer help us cope and move forward. It’s important to take things with cheer and hope, and find ways to savor both the weird and the wonderful.

Much in our world is entertaining and strange. But, nothing is impossible.


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