2020-2021 Wonderland

Flying Up the Rabbit Hole

Allen Chang

Artist Statement

By submitting an entry for the 16th annual Wonderland award, I hope to contribute to the illustrious collection of artworks which celebrate Caroll’s Wonderland, imagination, curiosity,and creativity.

My piece is a 2.5 dimensional acrylic artwork that is heavily inspired by the act of falling down the rabbit hole in ​Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland​. This story scene implicates that few things are as they seem and allows Alice to ponder her whereabouts in life. Yet even though Alice is falling, when reading this scene, I tend to envy her position as she seems to begetting closer to the upside-down Wonderland.

In fact, if you look at this scene from another perspective, she’s actually flying, not falling. I wanted to create an artwork that combined these themes using a gyroscope-compass Alice,embedding Caroll’s motifs of amusement games like cards, chess, and poker chips. What a shame to see oneself as falling—when all one must do is relabel one’s personal compass!

Ultimately, while working on this research project I had a lot of fun and discovered many niches to Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s personal life. I hope others can develop deeper appreciations for his worldly impacts on the concepts of maturity and life philosophy from learning about his letters, photography, and friendly relationships.

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