Unpinning History : Japanese Posters in the Age of Commercialism, Imperialism, and Modernism

Collection Note

The provenance of the USC Libraries Japanese Poster Collection is unknown, as is the date of acquisition. The collection, consisting of 45 posters (including some duplicates) was “discovered” in one of our off-site storage facilities in 2013 and brought to the attention of the then Japanese Studies Librarian, Tomoko Bialock. At that time the posters were digitized by the USC Digital Library, however, the physical collection remained unprocessed and unused until 2019 when Dr. Rika Hiro requested to have a class visit to Special Collections to view the posters, having seen them in the Digital Library. With teamwork by Dr. Ken Klein (Head, East Asian Library), Dr. Rebecca Corbett (Japanese Studies Librarian), Katherine Kapsidelis (Special Collections Reference & Instruction Librarian), and Bolton Doub (Special Collections Archival Projects Librarian) the posters were moved to Doheny Memorial Library and a Finding Aid was created. The posters were all re-housed in archival folders and can now be requested by visitors to USC Libraries to view for their research. Inquiries about access to the physical collection should be sent to Dr. Rebecca Corbett, Japanese Studies Librarian.