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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Yet all of my discourse maps obviously include the
word ‘Mcdonald’s,’ some other key words differ depending on what kind of field the website I gather information from is on. For example, The discourse maps from
advertising age and their annual report are composed of many words that are
relevant to business, such as ‘marketing,’ ’sales,’ ‘income’ and ’shares’. In
contrast, the discourse maps from IFT, which the institute for the matters of food
science and technology, include some words that are relevant to the IFT’s field,
such as ‘nutrition,’ ‘health’ and ‘calories’.

Titles of the articles I used.


McDonald's Starts First Free-Coffee
Promo Just as Taco Bell Blitzes Breakfast

Three Strategies McDonald's Is Using to
Lift Sales

McDonald's Joins Throng of Marketers
Experimenting With Snapchat

McDonald's Challenges You Not To Get
Distracted By A Big Mac

As McDonald's Sales Slide, Chain Focuses
on Value, Coffee


CEO Skinner retires -

CSPI may
sue McDonald’s -

to offer improved nutrition choices -

responds to health professionals’ plea -

announces new burger -



Multiple modernities and multiple
proximities: McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken in Chinese television

Fiction and Humor in Transforming McDonald’s
Narrative Strategies.

McDonald's Heats
Up Free Coffee in Taco Bell Breakfast War.

McDonalds Will
Serve Up Sustainable Beef, Whatever That Is.

Worldwide relation between the number of McDonald's restaurants and the prevalence of

Don't Make Your Lab a McDonald's.

Part B

Michael Pollan points out some negative
aspects of corn which recently have greatly influenced the world. One of roles
of corn he traces is that it is fed to domestic animals today, yet domestic
animals normally cannot process corns. Since they are cheap and can fatten up
the animals faster, people started to inject animals so that they can process
corn. Corn is also used in various processed foods today. For instance, hfcs
was discovered a few decades ago and it has been over-used in many processed
products now. Furthermore, corn has even changed the diet the poor choose to
buy. Because of its cheapness, the poor tend to buy many unhealthy foods that
include corn as one of the ingredients, which lead them to obesity as a result.
And worst of all, the increase in the consumption of corn has actually been
affecting the corn farmers negatively that the more they sell corn, not the
less they make money, but the more they literally lose their money.

Part C

I’m lovin’ it. Why aren’t you?

Financial Aspect of McDonald’s - 2012
Annual Report of McDonald’s

What’s Really in Your Food?

How Healthy is that BigMac?


tried to title the discourse maps as interesting as possible utilizing the some
popularity aspects of McDonald’s. For the first discourse map, I titled by taking
the advantage of such a famous McDonald’s advertising catchphrase ‘I’m lovin’
it’ because the phrase has been overused for a long time and people probably
even expect to see it as the title of some books. I did not think there was any
reason to be creative with the title for the annual report since it is just the
official report, but just in order to make it easier for readers to grasp the
idea of what the chapter is going to be talking about, I put ‘Financial Aspect
of McDonald’s.’ For the third title, I kind of emphasized the word ‘Really’
since EBSCO provides rather academic articles and therefore, gives real facts
rather than opinions that can be prejudiced from certain perspectives. Finally,
I also made the use of a really famous McDonald’s’ icon, BigMac as the object
to enable readers to get straight to the point of the fourth discourse map, the
health aspect.

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