Theories of Spectatorship Spring 2016

Topical Tumblr Curation/ Group Led Reading Discussion (10%)

In the first weeks of class, I will split you into groups for class-led reading discussions based on your interest in the topics covered in the syllabus.
These topics, which correspond with weeks in the syllabus, will include:Together, you will meet as a group (in person & virtually) to discuss the readings for your week in advance, and to explore extensions of your topic online. You will use the class Tumblr to curate posts related to the readings, and come to class with key points and examples hosted on Tumblr to share, as well as two to three discussion questions (which could be in reference to your examples). Please have a handout prepared for all of the members of class. Be sure to include all of your group members’ names on the handout!
Group led discussion should last about a half an hour to forty five minutes, though often it spins into larger class discussions for which I’ll take the lead. I will assign groups to specific weeks early in the semester, taking into account your interests as much as possible.

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