Theories of Spectatorship Spring 2016

Weekly Online Discussions (20%)

Each week, you’ll participating in an online written conversation with your classmates on Canvas. The goal of these conversations is to analyze and overanalyze (in this class, there is no such thing!), in true active audience/fandom style, by connecting readings to screenings and vice versa, and/or by responding to and continuing the discussions we’ve had in class that week. I also encourage you to explore connections to other media examples/media culture if you see them. When appropriate, I’ll post specific prompts, but in general the goal is to analyze screenings in relation to readings, probe further at readings, continue class discussion, and then, when appropriate, turn all these ideas outward (and upside down and inside out).

If you’re the first person posting, incorporate some questions into your post—you don’t need to have all the answers, but rather can be setting the ground for the conversation. Each person should comment twice (approximately 250 words a post, but this really isn’t about the word count. Please do make an effort build upon the discussion of those who have posted to the thread before you, so that we can have a real, interactive conversation.  If you’re inspired to do so you can also start a new thread, but let’s collectively make an effort not to leave any classmate’s efforts hanging. And you can build in new questions at any time. The first of these responses is due Friday night, the second by Sunday night.

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