Theories of Spectatorship Spring 2016

Final Projects/Papers (20%)

There are several options listed here, but if you have another idea for a focus that doesn’t quite fit in these categories, feel free to run it by me. In every case, your final paper/project must draw on a minimum of three of the required readings and two external academic readings (books or journal articles). Reference your sources (required and not) with full citation using Chicago formatting (end note or in text, your choice!)
 You will have the opportunity to submit an optional rough draft for feedback. Whether you submit a rough draft or not, I encourage you to choose a topic that you feel truly excited about, start working on it early, and give yourself plenty of time to research, draft, rewrite, and proofread.

We will hold a mini conference/screening toward the end of the semester where you will share your projects with each other. You may not be finished with your project at this point, but you’ll need to have made enough progress to be able to share the final stages with your classmates.

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