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Watson Lineage

In an attempt to better understand the life of Joseph Watson III, his ancestry was analyzed.  Pictured below is Joseph Watson's family tree, along with descriptions of each of the relatives.

Thomas Catton: Esquire of West Dereham, Norfolk County.
Abraham Cawston: Esquire of Thimpling Hall, Suffolk County.  
Edward Jones: of Brackley, Northamptonshire.  
John Charles Robertson: Esquire of Colchester and married to Isabella Watson on June 2, 1848.  
Reverend Samuel Nicholson Vowler:  Married to Mary Anne Watson, for a period of time...for the full story see A Bigamous Clergyman & the Captain's Sister.
Edward Walmisler: Esquire of Shaftesbury and married to Jane Elisa Watson on June 10, 1850. 
Joseph Watson I: Esquire of Thorpe le Soken, Essex County, died on 14 November 1831, and married to Mary on March 10, 1791.
Mary daughter of Thomas Catton: Died on May 24, 1838.
Thomas Watson:Born on March 7, 1792 and married Sarah on September 15, 1825. For more information see An Illustrious Uncle.
Sarah daughter of Edward Jones: Died in 1830.
Sir Arthur Townley Watson: Born in 1830 and died in 1907.
Margaret Catherine Watson: daughter of Thomas Watson.
Joseph Watson II: of Bocking Hall West Mersea, Essex County, born October 27, 1797, and married to Mary Ann on April 11, 1822. Worked as a farmer.
Mary Ann daughter of Abraham Cawston: Born on February 19, 1797 and died on July 17, 1872.
Abraham Watson: Born on August 26, 1848
Jane Elisa Watson: Born on May 8, 1833 
Catton Watson: Born on August 31, 1831
Isabella Watson: Born on June 16, 1830   
Joseph Watson III: Born on July 24, 1823, and died on January 21, 1893 in his residence of 11 Bancroft Road, Essex. 
Mary Anne Watson: Born on December 1, 1825

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-Ana Chisholm, Penn Class of 2019

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