The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945

CFP: Call for Special Issue Proposals (Vol. 22 [2026])

The Space Between: Literature and Culture, 1914-1945 invites proposals for Volume 22 (2026), a special issue. We welcome proposals from scholars of all ranks and experience levels on interdisciplinary topics of interest to our community. More information about the journal’s aims and scope can be found at the The Space Between Journal website. Proposals should include the following
DEADLINE: April 15, 2024

Please note the following:

Proposals for special topics issues or clusters are reviewed by the editor and associate editor, who then consult with the advisory board. The editors will assess the quality of the proposal and the experience of the editors. The proposal is then forwarded to the Advisory Board for The Space Between Society for additional feedback. The editors make the final determination, which we expect to be in June 2024.  

Once a proposal has been vetted and approved, guidelines and support, including the dissemination of the CFP and the development of a timeline to publication, are provided by the journal editor to guest editor(s). Guest editors are expected to submit clean, copy- and line-edited, and proofread prose that substantially meets the journal’s house style and documentation requirements. 

All special issue contributions are subject to the internal editorial review, including requests for substantive revisions and further line-editing and proofreading. The journal editors reserve the right to decline to publish pieces selected by the guest editor(s) once the final contents are submitted for publication if those pieces do not meet the standards of the journal. 

Queries are always welcome and may be sent to the editors, Jennifer Nesbitt ( and Josh Lam ( We look forward to working with you!