The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Oluwaseun's Video Story 2

The Main Problem:

The problem that occurred with both of the people interviewed was the addition of the light rail. The light rail caused there to be fewer customers in the St.paul area. this cause some small businesses to close down. 

Erica owners her own bakery and also has another business. I really like how she mentioned how much AEDA helped her and what they did to help other local small businesses.

I really liked how David went into depth about the history of the family business and how the light rail affects him and other small business around him.

I found it the impact that AEDA had on helping these small businesses grow inspiring because they help businesses have more stability and allow them to continue on and do what they love the most.

How the Problem was solved:

The problem was solved because of the help and support from a program named AEDA which helped with funding and supporting these small businesses during the time the light rail was being created.

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