The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Watching mom cook

"Just a food story, I can say I watched my mother cook like making stuffing and course back in those days they didn't have you know the things that we have now. But a lot of experience I learned from her because she never measured anything, she just used her own judgement and it'll just come out perfect." "That's science." "Yes, they didn't measure food back then. They make biscuits look like they came out of a magazine or a restaurant. Cakes, cornbread all of that. And all they had was wood stoves. Wood stoves and coal stoves." "So she had to put wood in and (?) it up before she did (?)." "And I was just amazed how the food came out. You know we have ovens and all the convenience where they didn't have that. But the food was so good and so healthy because we had our own chickens and rabbits."

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