The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Andrea's Shorter story Project

Chapter two in "Helguera" titled " Community"
" The typical community art project is able to fulfill its purpose of strengthening a community's sense of self by lessening or suspending critically regarding the form and content of the product and, often promoting " feel-good" positive social values " page. 10

1.  Jessica
Food is a key to success behind communication and bringing us together to enjoy a meal and great conversation. Its sad but when you mention food it motivates and brings people out to these gatherings.

2. Jesse

From the "Color is food "  the system itself is also severely imbalanced in its distribution of healthy food options, resulting in inequalities access for many communities. And the results are diet- related illnesses such as diabetes and obesity plaguing these communities at disproportionate rates" Page 25

3.  Michael Stratten

Food is Everything, everything involves around it -used for family gatherings and get- together, holidays and religious ceremonies/rituals. Food is the main source behind bringing the community out.

4. Tim Paige

Different cultures come together around food. Food is the key to getting everyone together and bringing everyone together on one accord . Everything involves around food and it brings different cultures together to share their food and recipes.

5. Jamil

From "Helguera" Many problems in community projects are due to unrealistic goal in relation to the expected time investment" Page. 19

Food is the main subject that brings everyone together and home for the necessary occasions and brings you together and provide good conversation. Food brings the community and the neighborhood out and is the key to fixing solutions. The smell of cookouts and barbeques, lingering in the air, catches noses and grabs attentions, and is a main reason for many family and fun social events throughout the neighborhood and within the community. 


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