English Professors at R1: Doctoral Universities in the South: 2019-2020

Network Analysis

Interactive Version of Network Analysis: https://bit.ly/3emda5I 

For best viewing experience: On the upper left hand side of your screen, make sure the "Visual Style" button is turned on to "fancy_style". 
On the upper right hand side of your screen, click the teardrop shaped icon, and set the background color to black or another dark color. 
If the loading icon won't disappear, copy the URL into another window and launch it from there. CyNetShare users frequently have this problem. 

Understanding the Network 
  1. Red Nodes (circles) = Professors and Green Nodes (circles) = Research and Teaching Interests
  2. Edges (White Lines) = Connections from professors to various research and teaching interests
  3. Originally before uploading to CyNetShare, this network analysis had attributes (distinguishing qualities) that sized the nodes differently based on how many connections a research/teaching interest had. Unfortunately, CyNetShare did not keep these qualities once the code from my file was uploaded. I felt that the interactivity of the network was of the upmost significance, so I left it the way it was uploaded.


From this visualization, I hope that English professors at R1 Doctoral universities can find their name and see the names of other professors who share their same research and teaching interests. This opens up possibilities and opportunities for collaborating for future research, sharing of teaching materials or pedagogical techniques, and connecting professors throughout the Southern United States. 


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