Saint-Domingue Lost: Imperial French Narratives of the Haitian Revolution


Andrew Blank is a senior French student. In his free time, he plays tennis with his professors.

Morgan Cornacchini is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University studying Child Development and French. Morgan has been to Haiti 5 times in partnership with Nehemiah Vision Ministries, an organization located in Chambrun, Haiti. She has been fortunate enough to know a strong community down in Chambrun. Morgan believes that it is extremely important to study and share the true facts of the Haitian revolution with students everywhere. 

Nathan H. Dize is a PhD student in the Department of French and Italian specializing in Haitian theater, poetry, and revolutionary poetics during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Nathan is the project coordinator and the site designer for Saint-Domingue Lost. 

Porter Geer is a sophomore majoring in Human and Organizational Development and French with a minor in Islamic Studies. She is from Charleston, SC, and she loves French!

Paul Miller (Ph.D.) is an Associate Professor of French and Latin American Studies specializing in Caribbean Studies.  He is the Director of Graduate Studies in French. He is the professor of the course "French 3621: Enlightenment and Revolution(s): Representations of the French and Haitian Revolutions in Historiography, Literature, Film, Painting and Music"

Mikael Reijonen is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University studying Economics and French. Having lived in Taiwan, the United Sates, Mexico, Russia and Finland while studying in French has provided him with a fascination regarding different cultures and an interest in interpersonal dynamics. He is looking to further his artistic interests by taking classes on historically significant events and the way the feelings provoked by them are represented and interpreted.
Claire Weinstein is a junior majoring in French and Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Claire is pre-med and hopes to do Médecins Sans Frontières in a Francophone country once she is a doctor.
Elisabeth Zak is a Junior at Vanderbilt University studying Medicine, Health and Society and French. She is particularly interested in global health disparities and hopes to eventually work abroad as a nurse for underserved international populations.

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