Revolutionizing Weimar Germany's Public Sphere

Path 8: Discover all Photographs related to the Working Class

My rationale for this path and its structure:

At some point, I would like to have all photographs associated with the working class, part of functional montages or not, uploaded here; if possible not just in a structured media gallery to view all of them next to each other on one single page (it'll look like a tiny archive), but also as tags. As tags, it would allow me to visualize how these photographs connect to each other. In the end, some are part of functional montages, others are not (and there are certainly other ways to categorize each working class-related photograph additionally) and maybe seeing them all next to each other, either as tiny preview images or visualized in a radial / grid / tree view, might show me connections that I have not been able to see before, when I analyzed single sections and montages of GG, always also taking Tucholsky's texts into account. 

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