Refugee Narratives: Ten Stories of Cambodian Refugees

Entry 4 (Diplomatic Transcription)

By [S.K.]

The following history is my own history during the period of the wild_murduring , bleeding their own nation by the pot’s regime and his followers. 

Period of the bleeding continued step by step to this poor nation. I was born in the upper middle class family at 10th July 1957, 3 years after Cambodia got her independance from France’s colonial, I was educated in one of the secondary school in P.Penh and has been one of the clever students in class; love European and style of living from western world.

Educated in 12 years of English, french, KHMER languages didn’t give any profitabale to my daily use. 

I was grown up in the family of uncleaned manner, I had to bear weariness up to the present. 

17 April 1975 the last victory of the Khmer rouge drawn people in to hopeless-ness, I was forced to leaved P.Penh, and send by train to the great plain 300km west of P. Penh, at the new resettlement the period of weariness began, we had to worked hard all day long without sympathy or humanitarian, food-distribution for us only very little, If one who wanted more they had to pay gold in exchange, to support the weakeness of the heath[.] I was parted from my father at 9-10-75 he word died because of - hunger, anyway I who the one still alive was useless and-nonsense in the prison without wall; people allowed to have no freedom [Page 19] 200g of rice perday per person no vegetables no meat no vitamines to support system of body.

Big construction were builded and opened everywhere to recieve thousands of people, great dams, canals, have to be done by man’s strenght, I was one in those thousands people, I was forced [unclear] to work hard and [unclear] very weak. 

When daily work is done, we would have another meeting between the leader and us the meeting discussed our fault during daytime we worked hard or lazy we should put to death if we have been reworked to be the lazy one, the meeting always finished at the mid night.

Later came the period of mass-sacre, people who have been former official worker and especially soldiers were killed with by massesacre treatment, use hammer knife or burried alive only the ignorant that can breath more days or unless those educated pretended to be mad and I too I have been a mad one. 

Now I be my family’s master because I’m the eldest one. 

Owing to troubles in the way of life that why I tried my best to do what is right and what is my good Ideal to humanitarian of men, this is my important intention.

For you Sisters I had told you already about my own story, I seem to have no more in my writing, in my brain black cloud and the atmosphere of the social covered with darkness, I want to continue my study, I want to see the world of freedom, world of human that is full of humanitarian,

[Page 20] now it is far in too the night, I shuted my eye to remind the souvenir of my poor life, devil leader and ignorant every where, politician hadn’t enought experience on real democracy, so that the result is push Cambodia to hell without help with poor people and two whole generations. 

After escaped from V.N. forces, I came to live in one of the refugee camp along the thai and Cambodian border call BanSamet[.] It was very hard to live there because water was scarece and the great forest gave troubles of fun disease we had never seen before, but I was happy I got freedom and peace in my mind. Later the Khmer rouge tried to interfearword the honest, on the 4th January 1980 they come to attaked and seized people back to their power, this time I must ran away ran for my life and freedom I thinked where shall I go? Oh I must go to KHAO I DANG because I had tried for long time to enter to thailand, where I hope I’ll continue my journey to U.S.A and searching for my brother and my cousin to whom has been NAVY officers and got scholarship to study in the naval center of California since 1974.

I had tried once to enter to th thailand at June 1979, and stayed for a week at TAPAYA, Camp ARANYAPRATHET, but I was pushback with cruel to Cambodia, I spent two months in coming back from thailand, walked on foot about 600 km across to the maintainouse horizon, with little amount of rice  and leafs of the tree, I was badly ill in bad for three months with fever word death.

Even if I got bad fever I tried to succeed my life: [Page 21] My arrival at KHAO I DANG I met your pity, Sisters I’m glad, I’m happy for your helpfull action, I’ll remember the whole of my life, I’ll pray for god to bless you, to help you with good health and wisdom of life.

Bye bys see you later and social well being will be forever with you 

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