Refugee Narratives: Ten Stories of Cambodian Refugees

Entry 10 (Diplomatic Transcription)

KHAO I DANG   31/1/80

Revolution Red Khmer in Cambodge
Pol Pot’s Regime

The Khmer red event in Cambogdia. who didn’t known that Cambogdia was changed from Republic into communist on the 17th April 1975. The Communists were governed in Cambogdia on 17th April 1975 till the 6th January 1979. The governan of Red Khmer name Pol Pot was fell down and the other event was became to govern after Pol Pot, his name was HENG SAMRIN. In the Communiste’s area was very savage that no body can guessed, in short it was the area that the hadn’t siviligation, the cultural especially it was the area of destrantion of race (Denocide) of people Khmer. In that time, people Khmer costum was destroy all most. 

Know one knows what will happen in the future? Let’s Catholic Relief services or International comitee of Red Cross with UNO as leader please help! After the great power China it was the great power Soviet (U.S.S.R)

Under this time, I unveil of scene heart rending very terrible and crual wich soldier Red Khmer was sowing (spreading):

The efficacious way, after of group Red Khmer applied a lie, and avacuation people from city to desert campain soon, but for [Page 38] the Lon Nol’s troop chief, a few soldiers and the Pilot Office was been misused to receive Prince Sihanouk by car to the thick forest far away and the end the wraith Pol Pot’s soldiers killed them all by moktar and the seventy nine. In those time, it had only one class, the farmers and the workers, leaving to work hard everyday, 70% people was a farmer and 30% people was a workers leaving in the city, it was all the family of communist’s soldiers Pol Pot. The important économique was been only the field, Pol Pot’s regim was the new only one society, no market, no school specially no relition, no Buddhism because the statue Bouddique built about cement or concrete and the monk was clearly the person simple. When anyone was tired to leave the it didn’t went for a walk no the movies, no the se good house, no car, motor car. In fact it has the small house, one house for only one family, group by group ten family (1928) twenty family and thirsty family one village, eating together in the long house. They gived two spoonfuls of rice per day for my [Page 39] eating, no vegetable, no meat, no fruits one cup of porridge for morning and one cup each for evening, so I didn’t enough for my hungry. I was very thin looked like the ghost, my body was covered of skin and when the wind blowed, I seemed fell down. In this circonstances they maked me worked hard as before. If I didn’t did they took me killing for their games. One day at the 26th / 4 / 77 they took me in prison beated me with the stick they took plactim que sae to wear my face untill I was no feeling after they brought me in the small house, bound me with the handcuff addition with the chaine. They accused me a student at the high school because I had a few book English, science, history… about the twenty day they brought me to the river for the bath; it was two time for eating one time 2 spoonful porridge had so much the water, for lunch and the same in the eveninge for dinner. The day by day, the sun set, the moon rise the time passed, I thought that I wasn’t leaved for the futur time a lost year 1977 the maneger of village went to took me outside from the prison [Page 40] I was very happy and mixed with the hunger. Luckily my life sill alive till today, in the Khao I Dang Refugee Khmer.

I lived with the Pol Pot’s sodier regim Pol Pot’s regim till 6th january 1979. After that day I lived with the Vietnamise, they were better then Khmer – Red in the case of difference nationality. I lived with them. I earned my life of selling some thing, with the Vietnamese’s regim all the Cambodia.

                                 31 January 1980.    [O. V.]
I wrote my story very quickly, sorry when if it had the wrang wrong mistake grammatical.
         I was not yet.

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