Reckoning Time in Medieval Pisa

Technological Process

Several different digital tools facilitated our research regarding the reckoning of time in this medieval Pisan chronicle.  Bycompiling and exporting temporal markers, we extracted numerical correlations that directed our close readings of the text. The online transcription platform enabled an efficient and collaborative approach to an otherwise laborious task (all with a text that was otherwise geographically inaccessible). By conducting textual comparison en masse via a digital textual collation tool, we viewed our text through a lens inaccessible to the human eye alone. By encoding our transcription in XML, we created a customized edition of our text that will allow future scholars to expand on our work. In these ways, our engagement with digital tools has been essential to the observations the project offers and the conclusions it has drawn. These tools and means of engagement do not replace, but rather enhance participation in traditional historical methodologies - which is, ultimately, the goal of digital approaches to history.

This path will explain the tools we used to support the work of the project, although some users may wish to proceed directly to project conclusions.